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Where to find vintage electronic hardware Answered

Im trying to find a online source of vintage electronic gear. Things like old vac tubes, analog voltage indicators, and switches.


Try to find people who have access to electronics equipment that is taken out of use in labs/small scale factories. Here, the thing has to be really ANCIENT to get officially thrown away (last year my granddad, who is a space engineer and works in a something institute, gave me a 1937 German Rheinmetall typewriter for Christmas, which was brought from Germany after the WW2 and had been a piece of equipment for various intitutions ever since...).
I also know a place where people sell such things on Sunday mornings.

I have a list of things available.Mostly old test equipment for sale.! bk transistor tester,!bk cap tester,1Houston satalite tracker,1 heathkit color bar + dot generater,1 Tv signal circut analyser,1 heathkit vector monitor mdl10-1128,heathkit oscilloscope mdl 10-4560,1 Sencore c6 159 deluxe color bar gen,1Sencore tube tester Tc 136,1 Sencore crt tester cr143,1 HP advance stack hpJ2811A,1 centre Com 3012 12 port hub,1 symbol pdt3100 barcode reader,1 Kodak darkroom safelight,9sennheiser microphones ME104 and others. Also I have vintage stereos,amps, turntables,like marantz, sony,technics,brystom,adcom,and akai,etc.As well as time lapse recorders,and a panasonic NV-SD570 VHS multi system recorder for transfering pal/mesecam/ntsc tapes. And much more.... email me for info at kd071@msn.com


8 years ago

look on amazon or even in thrift stores and yard sales

garage sales
more so ebay