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Where to get Potassium Nitrate in Brisbane, Australia Answered

I live in Brisbane, Australia (down under) and I have been looking for Potassium Nitrate for many months. In Australia we do not have Walmart, so we can't just go and buy stump remover. I would just like to know if there is anybody in Australia (Brisbane) that knows where I can get it without having to drive for hours. I really would like to find somewhere local as i don't really like buying it off the internet.


Since the topic got spammed again I take the opportunity to give some info for the AU guys here:
Had to order some things a while ago and although Ebay had them some were not allowed to make it through customs.
So instead I started to use Google to find any chemical suppliers statewide first.
(Interstate courier can be costly with certain chemicals but sometimes you can't avoid it)
After a few bad responses, as some simply don't sell to the public no matter what you want to order, I got lucky with one company agreeing to sell but only if the orders are over $100.
100 buck was not a problem as I already knew I would get close to the 200 mark anyway.
So for "normal" stuff like nitrates you should have not too much of a problem unless you are unable to produce your drivers license and a good reason why you need it.
If in doubt you need it for hot bluing steel ;)

Some companies won't ships acids or nitrates for the simple reason of not having the required transport license or drivers for it.
If the chemical supplier that is willing to sell to you can't provide a shipping company for your small amounts you need to be prepared to offer an alternative you organise!
Check with your local courier services if and for what cost the ship the chemicals you need.
Also check if you can arrange the pickup from your end.
Certain concentrated acids as well as oxidizers in bigger quantities might require that you register them with your local police and fire brigade.
For this you will also proof that your storage is suitable in terms of safety and fire risks.

Although not really required in Victoria, I have my oxidizers and acids registered with clear info where to find them in case of emergencies.
Good thing about this that the local authorities are informed and know you use the stuff for legal reasons.
In return that means even if a batch of rocket candy goes off in the backyard the guys won't rush in after a neighbour called without ringing and checking with you - very helpful at times, especially if called them before to let them know you start some bluing which could cause some smoke ;)

I assume most people trying to obtain nitrates in AU plan on using them in ways that are not fully legal in this country, so here is some additional advise:
Unless you are very remote and withought neighbours consider what happens if someone sees a lot of smoke coming from your backyard...
Even outside the fire season you should never use rocket candy or smoke mixes, let alone more serious mixes anywhere where they could start a fire!
You might thing the grass won't catch fire or that the trees are far enough away - trust me if something can go wrong then it will sooner rather than later.
Be prepared for the worst at all times!
This means even if the batch you use is small have the right tools at hand to deal with a fire right away - you don't want to start looking for the garden hose once the shed is already on fire...
Nitrates can be very nasty to certain metals, not to mention how well they feed weeds.
Even the resulting smoke when you burn your mix can be enough to cause bad corrosion on the metals it comes into contact with.
Mostly after a bit of rain or days with morning fog.
Last but not least: Never trust Youtube!!!
If it looks safe in the video it does not mean the guy in it is still alive ;)
One of the worst misconception coming from Youtube is that the smoke from rocket candy or smoke mixes with nitrates is harmless.
All sorts of aggressive compounds are created when the stuff burns off and in most cases some of the nitrate is simply vaporised as well.
The smoke will damage you airways and lungs.
Severe exposure can even cause damage to your nervous system and the damage to your airways can kill you, so play safe at all times.

Hi there, i am from the gold coast in the land down under and so far the best places to but it from would be a local nursery, costco or auschems. AusChems is the best i believe due to low shipping cost and price : http://auschems.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=55


9 years ago

hi im ben i have a website and i sell kno3 on there in australia u dont have to buy it from my site but i just want to say that kno3 in australia is legal u can buy it of the net legaly as long as it is already in the country its importing it without permission which is illegal. good luck, oh almost forgot www.bargain-mart.com.au/pyro.php

hi just wondering $/weight and is there a more direct link to your site?


Just check Ebay, plenty available in AU ;)

ben its curtis go on msn or send my perchlorate lol

well, due to new regulations in australia, normal unliscenced shops are no longr allowed to sell potassium nitrate, in puritys more than 30%, in which its not allowed to use more that 30% of the total weight of the product. it cannot be sold as is, or with a new label such as stump remover. im afraid that your only option is to either make some your self, or buy online. BUT!!!!! you have the fortunate benifit of living in queensland , the state in which 90% of potassium nitrate producers in australia that sell online, live in, and ship from. this means that you can very easily buy some form ebay, and have it sent via courier, for very little money, and get it in very little time. i too live in australia, and guess what!, i am in darwin, the only place personal couriers dont go to, but i got kno3 anyway. what i did was buy stump remover, labeld as stump remover, in pellet form, and it passed through customs, no problem, ive also discoverd that other sellers in the usa can now post it to australia, even if labeld as saltpetre.

here is a link to a ebay seller that will send to you, and not being that far away from you, you might even to be able to establish a money order if ou dont want to buy online, and would rather do by cheq or through the mail, or even in person.

Just ring around, look for chemical companies or pool supplies. If your still in school ask the teacher for some and show them what your doing with it, my chem teacher lets me make fireworks just as long as he is kept in the loop : )