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Where to get a milling machine. Answered

I have been trying to find a reasonably priced milling machine but also trying to find one that doesn't charge two times the price of the machine in shipping costs. I have been looking on Craigslist for the past six months and haven't seen anything. I am in Seattle, WA.

Does anyone have any ideas of where I should look?


Try posting in the "wanted" section of Craigslist.

Sometimes Craigslisters are kind enough to email
you with a good tip on where to find what you want, even
though they might not have it themselves.
Include the price yo are willing to pay in the ad.
Also mention that you need it shipped.

Also, for shipping, you could post an ad under "gigs" -"labor"
and find some strong backs , and a pickup truck with trailer
to help transport the mill.

Depends on what kind of milling machine you are look for. Hobby or a regular full-size? They are inherently heavy pieces of solid metal parts. You could special order them from your local big-box home center or look at some major online tool suppliers(Grainger, Northern, Grizzly, Harbor Freight, etc.) but might have more reasonable shipping charges for oversize/heavy loads. A milling machine would be an investment though and you would want to get one that you can expand on later. You should really research what model of machine to get and evaluate if an "import model" will be worth it if you are trying to cut down costs. Good luck.