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Where to get a peltier unit? Answered

Hi, I live in palestine and I am making a cooling progect for school. I has thinking about where can I find a peltier unit at house? I need your help !fast!



i think it might be easyer to go on ebay there is a company that sells them for4.69 a peice free shipping


8 years ago

Thank you so much for your help. I have an old mini fridge and I am trying to get the peltier unit out. But I have a problem on how to get it because it is very tough. There is Epoxy on it !

Sajy, You MIGHT very carefully break the epoxy off by heating it with a soldering iron for a few seconds at a time, and scraping the denatured Epoxy off !

What a horrible way to have mounted it :-(

I thought I'd attach some pictures of a 12-volt beer cooler I took apart one time, just so have some idea of what these things look like and how they're put together.

I'm not sure what's going on with the cooler you've got. You say it is epoxied together? In any case, what I wanted to mention is that the heat sinks the manufacturer attached are important. It is possible to overheat and burn out the peltier module if you run it without adequate heat-sinking.

In my case, the peltier module was simply sandwiched between two pieces of aluminum, the Al cooler on the inside, and the Al heat sink on the outside. The white slimy stuff is thermal conductive grease.


I recommend www.dealextreme.com and www.ebay.com Most household items dont have them.

The mini drinks coolers you can often get cheap have them in. They're budget ones though and not very good. Better than nothing though?