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Where to get ammonium nitrate Answered

does any body know a place 2 get ammonium nitate NOT OFF THE WEB or from uni or such, i mean from a shop like coles or walmart if not how do u make it?


Ammonium Nitrate crystals can be found inside cold packs. Just be sure to cut open the pack near the top so as not to cut the pouch of water contained inside as well. You don't want to use it up in a chemical reaction after you went through the trouble of finding it.
ALSO, be sure the cold pack contains ammonium nitrate and not urea, it's substitute.

Would you please specify what you mean by 'cold pack'?

Instant cold packs as you find them in the supermarket, survial store or camping supply store.
Downside is that most don't use Ammonium nitrate in them anymore as it poses a huge shipping risk.

I found a couple of sources for ammonium nitrate of high quality for making exploding targets. I want to make my own, but have lost the 2 sources I originally found. I too, want to know a couple of GOOD QUALITY sources for the ammonium nitrate. I have recently found a lot of very negative comments on the product that USA Chemical Supply sells. HELP!

If you are serious about using it for any form of firework I do recommend to get a license.
With that you can order almost any amout and any quality you specify - plus all the other chemicals you might need.
Some countries however have not just very though laws with makes obtaining a firworks license a very costly thing.
For those it might be worth joining a model rocket club, it is not just fun but also gives easy access to permits in regards to the chemicals needed for them - e.g. Rocket Candy.
Even without a permit you can order your stuff through the club.

For everyone else ignoring the above:
Do yourself a big favour and check local/state laws in regards to the manufacturing, handling and storage of explosives.
Those are usually divided into subsections in ragards to things like real explosives for demolitions, oxidizing agents like KNO3 and KNO4 as well as certain acids especially in unusually high concentrations.
Only if you find a valid excuse within these laws that allow you to do what you want to do you can proceed!

In some countries it more than just illegal for a private person to not just have the means at hand but also have ready to use explosives around.
Just to give you one extreme case: In AU, for simple New Years fireworks and some crackers you can be fined 1000$ on the spot.
Get caught twice and we are talking about fines of up to 27.500$ and up to one year in jail.
For stuff kids in many parts of the world can play with all year round...
Get some nice colored smoke bombs and you face the above plus up to 50.000$ in fines for the fact that you used a device that is harmful to the enviroment and can be used for illegal purposes.
What might be fun for you with no harm of any kind planned or involved might be a serious offence in the eye of the law ;)

what is the source of ammonium nitrate

What kind of fertilizer is "Ammonium Nitrate"found in??

nearly all great soil contains it, juste take some piss, just kidding.. it is an ingredient in half ms medium for invitro plant tissus culture,, you can us it along with other ingredient to micropropagate all living plant from just on living stemcell


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Hmm, if it takes 4 months to get a reply, and you don't even answer the question, maybe I won't give you my business?

I feel so sorry, It's 5 months. But I do not sell ammonium nitate, contact with info@sinooan.com or check the phone number on the http://www.sinooan.com/ . Also,I tell you a secret, the sample is free

By the way, I do not reply because some internet control moderated by the gov, forgive me

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am i the only one really concerned with this topic?????????


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Are you able to sell smaller quantities, in the order of kilogrammes or hundreds of grammes?


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So far Wallgreens is the only chain store I've found that carries ammonium nitrate Cold Packs. They have a case of 8 cold packs for $9.99. At 1/4 lb per pack (water bags
removed) that's 2 lbs for ten bucks. Not bad. And you could order them online if you
wanted to.

I must be a different kind of person. Instead of having to worry about all these bomb warnings I was thinking more of nitrous oxide (laughing gas). That's how I got here.


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you can get ammonium nitrate by mixing ammonium (from laundry stuff), nitric acid (good luck on getting this, I can't seem to find any), and sulfuric acid. Mix them all together,then pour it through a filter. you will now left over with ammonium nitrate with a little sulfur impurity. If you want pure ammonium nitrate, dissolve the mixture of ammonium nitrate/sulfur in methanol (Heet antifreeze/water remover, or methyl alcohol). Pour that trough a filter, the sulfur isn't soluble in Heet, so only the ammonium nitrate gets through. Let that evaporate, and there you are.
I think it is much easier to get an ice pack or fertilizer, though. oh well. A friend of mine somehow obtained ammonium nitrate (i'll ask him sometime). Hope i helped!

P.S. If you are planning to make a bomb, mix ammonium nitrate with alcohol. Alternatively, you can mix ammonium nitrate and potassium chloride (salt substitute) to form saltpeter (potassium nitrate), which is much more explosive.
P.P.S. Please be careful. Nitric acid and sulfuric acid are very corrosive, and bombs are very dangerous. Try not to blow your fingers off!

you can get nitric acid and sulfuric acid at: www.flinnsci.com and www.unitednuclear.com

Thanks. I saw online that you could get it at some hardware stores, but this helps a lot. I prefer not to buy chemicals online, though. Those post office managers are a bit hasty.

to make red nitric acid mix potassium nitrate and 97+% sulfuric acid in equel proprtions in a retort with a ground glass. heating it gently will produce a red gas which will flow into the neck of the retort. it will flow out of the neck which should be placed in a glass container placed in a ice bath. the gas will condense on the inside of the glass container. this will be red nitric acid.

Besides using small white "balls" taken out of 'one use' instant cold packs, which can be found in random drug stores(w-mart doesn't carry them) This youtube video is the easiest way I have found to make it with cheap and easy to find ingredients. I would recommend using a hair dryer on low or drying in a large flat pan (over very very low heat) instead of waiting 1-2 days as instructed in video. Can be done in less than a hour or so depending how u "dry"(allow ingredients to evaporate). U will understand what I'm talking about after watching the video. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2IG49Nw1Fo (

you can get about a little less than a cup if you buy an instant cold pack

You can just go and buy it, just like any other fertilizers, how ever if they think your doing something illegal with it, they will report you, which they are legally required to do in lots of areas, and or not sell it to you or both, and yes they will question you if your just looking for one bag of it ..And can you afford, use a ton of it ?? Most big box stores don't carry it, you need to go some where dealing with agriculture, but keep this in mind, in that business every one knows every one else and if they don't know you it might get interesting....


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> how do you make it? Ammonium nitrate can be prepared from Air and Water. See the "Haber Bosch" processes for details, but essentially you split the water into hydrogen and oxygen, react the hydrogen with atmospheric nitrogen to make ammonia, oxidize some of the ammonia to nitric acid using the oxygen, and then react the ammonia and the nitric acid to get your ammonium nitrate (outlaw THOSE ingredients why don't you BATF! Hah!) Commercially, the hydrogen will come from natural gas rather than water, but that's just cause it's cheaper. (rather exotic pressures, temperatures, and catalysts are required. This isn't really something you can do at home...)