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Where to get orange hair dye?? Answered

i would like to dye my hair obright bright orange and blue but i can't find bright orange hair dye anywhere and i've been looking for the past 2 months =/   so yea if u know somehere i could get it that swould be very helpful 


http://www.totallyhaircare.com/store/product.php?productid=259&cat=17&page=1 They sell Orange Fireballs, and other colors, from Splat!, including the kits (Bleaching kit), for $12. Three days approx. shipping. Hope this helped! I know I struggled to find it, too.

There is a hair dye called special effects. there are two orange colors its called napalm orange. and then the bright bright one is called hi octane orange and that one is black light active. I have atomic pink in my hair and it doesnt fade much at all. it actually grows out like regualr dye. ive had it for about 6 mths and only have to touch it up when my roots grow out. you can look it up on ebay its like around 13.99 a bottle with free shipping! try it out! just read the bottle on how to apply and follow it to a T and it will last a long time!

Drug stores (pharmacies/chemists) tend to have hair dyes - also hair salons might carry diy product.  You won't find the vivid colours mixed in with the regular blonde and browns - it will be in a section by itself.

To get a BRIGHT permanent solution you really need to bleach the hair first if you want a light colour like orange.

salons would be too expensive...... and i checked every drug store withi walking distance and they only have pink, blue, and red =/ 

 check out "dye your hair a strange color" by ladyada

just use and yellow koolaid powder


8 years ago

newbury comics sells punky hair dyes

do they have those stores in pennsylvania?? i've never heard of it before 


i know how to dye my hair i just can't find orange hair dye anywhere...... 

if u could just give me the name of the store because everything on this computer is blocked basically including the link u made =(