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Where to get used computers for free ? Answered

Me and my buddy are taking used computers and salvaging what we can. Then selling them for little money. Anybody got any ideas on where I could get some used old computers ?
Maybe ill make some servers.....or use one in my SMART ROOM.

If you have any ideas please post !


Ive acquired a computer from free cyble, but you have to be quick to get at them. Goodwill computer centers are not free, but a good source of used parts. Best source of free computer stuff besides dumpster diving is people breaking up or divorce,She usually wants to get rid of it if he or she was spending too much time on the computer.

Though I am not a fan Of Microsoft Windows, I try to help MSWindows users as much as possible. Every time people upgrade the os, they have been brainwashed the old machine is worthless. They easily let it go for you just to get it off their hands. Generally I wipe the machine for an installation of linux.

Have not bought a new computer in years excepting a chumby, pogoplug and the RPi. Though I do want a new computer now. Might be nice to go 64 bit. Might actually buy one. Did purchase an led screen recently (tv, vga, composite, hdmi support!) though.

Could some help me out......Your unused computers well be a big help of mine.. I'll be accepting your old unused computer parts like motherboards(office / gaming purpose),video cards (Any) old processors, old flat monitors... and other electronic parts.

The reason of this is. I'm a IT student and i don't have any money to buy spare parts of my own PC..... Since then i look for trash unused parts here in Philippines but its all a piece of non working parts I've been searching in web looking for an individual whose willing to send there unused parts and ship it for free but what I've found was nothing. I would be great full if someone could help me..
And may God bless you always.. And Merry Christmas to all.

You can email me at jonz_ygona@yahoo.com

Crag's list, freecycle, some of the salvation army style stores don't accept computers but might be willing to give you a call if someone drops one off, even tech support companies might be willing to use you as a 'junker'.

Junker, i like that word.... ill use it in a presentation card, imagine it, you go to a tech support comp and leaves them this: Santiago Aquino Junker Tel.*********** e-mail:JunkieJunker@junk.crap

I want one! Tell me where you find them. BTW you can get iMacs in MPLS, MN for $33

well If you live in Canada post an ad on KIJIJI thats what I did I got like ten in a week ! I could of got more but I didnt wanna pay anything.....

well actually they do have kijiji in the states as well but i dont think anybody knows about it kijiji

Not many people know about it. I mostly just use craigslist.org

where do you live?

okay. in that case, i have no idea where to get computers. sorry

. I've had good luck with free ads in local newspapers/community web sites/&c;.

Go for a drive on garbage night, if I picked up every computer I saw when i walk my dogs, I'd have filled my garage.

Well, depending on age, if they are severely old, but functional, they may be usable to monitor Security systems. That doesn't need a tremendous amount of "brain power" :-) I have seen CO-CO's and Commodore 64's used for this.