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Where would I find wire that's strong enough to support a tablet? Answered

I want to use recycled wire to build a wrap around stand/hanger for a 1 .5 pound android device, and I think I need about a meter of it.


fishing wire should do the job. try first with a 2 pounds weight and see if it can hold it. if not braid more wires togetholds the weight

And I thought fishing line was made out of clear or light-blue nylon. That shows how much I know...

+1 Dry cleaner
Garden centre
hardware store
Local fence
Root around the garden shed

It's more about how you use it rather than the tye of wire you have. Even thin electrical wire could be woven into a net

Your not very specific.

I was thinking of how I could use a coat hanger from the dry cleaner's as several of you have suggested, but 1 coat hanger would not be long enough, I think. I want it to wrap around (like a snake) at the base to give the tablet smth to stand on. Also I would need at least 2 hangers together to give it enough strength (a single hanger would only work for a smartphone), but before I coat them w/ sugru-like substance, I think I would need some liquid-weld stuff. After that would it still bend?


6 years ago

Use a hanger wire from the dry cleaner.