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Where would I purchase a drill bit to mill out PCB for the dremel tool for my CNC Machine? Answered

I am Buliding Tom McWire's CNC machine and I plan to use it mainly for Milling PCBs. Prices-Sources-alternatives please



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Visit the nearest store that sells powertools and examine their selection. If they keep a decent stock of bits and accessories, they'll have everything you need.

I've never found a local store with drill bits small enough to do pcb holes...smallest I could find were larger than the pads themselves :(

Check your local hobby shop (one that deals in high end trains and airplane models).

DUH!  Why didn't I think of that!  Thanks!

yep, what Putzer said. You want "contour router bits" for cutouts on the PCB (say, for something that might protrude thru the PCB), and router bits for cutting the voids between circuit paths. All the tools should be carbide.

Darn...correction...for the voids you need end-mills, not "router bits". Be careful..small diameter endmills are very fragile and slow traverse speeds along with high spindle speeds MUST be used to reduce endmill failure.

Learnt the hard way on a T-Tech machine several years back

for the least expensive bits, you can often find re-sharpened bits sold in lots on Ebay and elsewhere. The are cast-offs from PCB board houses that are resharped and sold at reduced prices.

I need the bits for drilling and spade types for as cheap as possible

Whatever, make sure its Solid Carbide.