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Where would be a good place to find a cheap, but nicely bound book? Answered

I'm working on a project where I I'd love to have a finely bound book, (leather, gold leaf, etc) but I don't care about what the book is about since I'll be removing all the pages.

Where should I look for something like this?  I'd hate to buy an heirloom just to ruin it.  The few fine used book stores I've looked at didn't have anything like this.


I would agree with Re-Design. Half Price Books has a large collection of (very) lightly used and new books that have nice and antique-looking bindings.

Try goodwill stores or Half Price Books.  What country do you live in?

try borders. although not actual leather, there are repros of circa 1940s gold leaf  books in the classics section that are often on sales for ~$5