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Where you've been in your T-shirt so far Answered

I don't have images at this point myself but seeing what the group is about I thought a forum was a plan... places my T-shirt has been... Several Gigs at the rotterdam bar in belfast The Italy food for you competition, with video coverage of me doing an interview in it I was wearing it in italy when i was on radio ulster the same day Under my shirt at the co-op I work in (since the shirt is really see through people see it) England, in general M&D;'s in Scotland seen mooning off the ferris wheel in it (was at a party the night before and was drunk half the day) Seen by many as I charge about belfast on my bicycle scaring cars, as it's the one with instructables.com on the back it's my liscence plate in a way...


I wear it to school all the time. And I wear it every time I go on a trip. And every time I think of it. It's gone in a lo of places. People always comment on it.


10 years ago

Tesco@Scotland... and everywhere else under a jumper. =)

-it looks a little old after being washed dozens of times.... 'nother contest! =)

yeah one of mine has bits of robot flaking away, the other's nice and new, being saved for occasions...


10 years ago

Oh, I wore it to school a couple times. And I'm planning to take it some cool places this summer.

I think it's still at where ever they send them to us from...

lol Eagerly waiting on my prizes from the pocket contest now, because I et a fitting T-shirt and my utilikey which will be uber useful to me, firthermore I promise an instructable based on it solely...

I thought you did... nevermind... plenty of chances right about now, also I just realsied how awful my spelling was in that comment, unlike usualy where it's just bad...

I could barely understand the part that said "because I et a fitting T-shirt"....

Sorry, I out-grew my old one, somehow managed to grow another couple of inches taller and my shoulders got at least four inches wider over a week or so (maybe longer but I think so)

good stuff, this thread didn't really take off before but now it has, I think it may have been to do with less people having shirts...

I have about 3-- two iron shirt made and 1 from paper airplane contest. I've worn it around town, cousins house, my house, school, stores, places like that. I'm going to Yosemite, I'll bring it there and take pictures. I get to go to the HQ on Sunday (next Sunday), I'll be sure to take pictures there. :-)

Hmm as a new one I saw a pic of me on a speed camera thing in my shirt, on my bike, I wasn't allowed to have the photo but my mates dad occasionally has to go through the pile or photos the computer can't do itself, usually ones such as that... he recognized me and showed me one day before putting it back...


10 years ago

I'll bring mine on my trip and try to get pictures of it in a few places in Cambodia, Vietnam and Bali. On the plane in less than 24 hours! Woot!

We want to see pictures of the robot in Asia!

It will have be at Big Bend National Park during Thanksgiving.

At work - everyone I work with loves Robot. :D At school - I've worn it for a couple of presentations now. Everywhere else I've been, really. I wear it all the time. I need more Robot shirts!

*envious* I am required to wear "solid color shirts, neatly pressed, and business pants" to work. Even on the few days we have a "casual day" it is "business casual" and that means no tee shirts/sneakers, etc.

Maybe I should stencil him to my forehead ? LOL

Hahaha, do it in permanent marker! We're very casual where I work. You can't show skin or anything, you know, nothing saucy - but it's very laid back. We just ask that people don't wear offensive clothing of go nuts with piercings, tattoos and hair coloring after they're hired. :P We only have to wear HPB shirts on sale days and during the Christmas season.

Permanent florescent marker I was thinking of LOL

Yeah, even on the VERY few days we were allowed to wear a "non-button" shirt, it could have no "writing on it". phffft. They were thinking polo shirts I guess *shrug*

The think is, I work second shift, no one sees me....hardly, and I am literally squirreled away in the computer room most of the time anyways. *sigh*

Hey nice forum! I have worn my t-shirt to school, school carnival, restaurants, and a few other places, but ya like Brennn10, i dont want to get it ruined.

i got mine for burning questions so and it holds respect with me but I enjoy wearing it cos mine is damn comfy so it gets usage....


10 years ago

around home, a few times when out cycling, it's too cold most of the time so it's hidden.

School, restaurants, community fair, volunteer art gala, and that about it, I don;t wear it often, because I don't want to get it ruined.