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Where'd my captcha go? Answered

I received a PM earlier from owen-mon regarding the image bugs. When I pressed send, I noticed my captcha was gone. Is this a bug? Or is this part of the "Pro trial"? I like it, but Im just wondering. If staff can clarify, thx. -DJ


what is a pro trial?

How is that a fail Derin ? i was asking a question

You lose the Captcha after a classified period of trustworthiness, posting proper messages instead of spam. Well done, DJ, you've grown up a little bit.

weirdly, izangi telos has lost it too (so he says). thx man! I did have my bday a few months back...

Telos got a temp ban recently - I doubt he's lost his captcha.

Bearing in mind the reasons behind your ban, that is a serious error of judgement by the site Admins.

Maybe they realize that I'm good inside? =P

ok, I have a challenge for telos: compose a PM, then take a screenshot of the area around the "send" button.

Sure thing, I'll snap a picture of it tonight (my time).

Here you go. Oh and Kiteman just failed :-P

photo evidence 1.jpgphoto evidence 2.jpg

Where's my captcha? I have no captcha on my 'Ibles. There you go.

It's better if we don't have to use captcha anyways...

Curiosity kills the cat... Wait, what?

Satisfaction brang him back. I am satisfied by the lack of captcha, aren't you?

Lol Of course I am, but then again it's not that big of a deal. But I mean if I have to choose between having it or not having it of course I would prefer the second option.