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Where'd the PDF Downloads go Answered

Am I the only one that's not seeing the friendly PDF Download on the the web articles?


Once you start to scroll down you see an icon together with some more below your browser bars like a header for the page.
At least on the PC running Firefox...

Thx for the explanation; that was a weird place to find the option in.

This is an ad blocker problem. I'll see if they (the block lists) can fix it.

Well, it seems to have fixed itself. (at least for me)

It's not just Win 10, the download pdf buttons have vanished from Instructables on my Linux system using either Chrome or Firefox browsers. I have a pro account and have downloaded instructables in the past. I see buttons to download individual components (for instance, on the instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Add-Trigger-Start-Sound-to-Google-AIY-Voice-Kit/ I see buttons embedded in the text to download code segments but there is no icon to download the entire article. It has been this way for several days. I hope that Instructables isn't doing away with article download, that would be a huge negative for me.

Sometimes you need to scroll down a bit for the tool bar at the top of the page to show what gets me is every time I want to download my Instructable Cream of Morel Soup, none of the picks show up.
Now isn't that nice that didn't link when I pressed Enter.

Win 10 and the new web page are doing some interesting things.
I have observed the following:
- After the complete page loads SOMETIMES the PDF Download will appear up near the top
- Some pages never show the Download button
Is it possible that not all pages have a PDF version?
Just to complicate things

I was running Win 10 and Firefox and everything was working just fine until I had a systems crash and had to install Win 10 from scratch.

So it could be a Firefox or Win 10 setting that I have not found.


I am not seeing the icon in Windows 10