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Where's that Instructable about creating a hanging ball of xmas lights inside clear plastic cups? Answered

Hi everybody! Two or three years ago (or maybe just one? I dunno!) I saw an awesome instructable on here around November/December time about creating this cool hanging ball of lights that you created out of wide-mouthed clear plastic cups. You drilled holes in the bottom and somehow strung them together into a ball shape, and inserted individual xmas lights on a string along the way. The result was this big iridescent ball that was like a couple feet in diameter. It was a featured instructable for like a month. I have since lost my previous set of bookmarks and cannot find it anywhere on the site!  Can someone puhleeeze point me to it?  Would be a fun project to do over this Thanksgiving weekend.  Thanks in advance!!


Sparkle balls. That's what they are called and they are the first thing I saw on Instructables. I llove them and still enjoy the whole sparkle ball phenomenon. Good luck and enjoy.

.  Good find. There are several others listed in the Related section to the right.

I'll point in the right direction, but I'm not going to lead the way.