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Which Apple product do you hate the most? Answered

This iForum is about which iProduct from iApple you iHate the most. It is the internets biggest complaining session about your Apple products.

Go on. Tell us how crap it is.

Personally, I just hate the 'i' appended to everything.


I am OK with /some/ apple users. I am OK with my mom using it because it is simple and easy and she does not really understand computers. I see the appeal- it is a simple operating system where it is hard to make major mistakes. But people with a moderate to above moderate understanding of computers just annoy me. I feel that it is like playing a children's guitar and trying to say it is better then someones stratocaster. I feel that once you get an understanding of computers you should grow from to a less limited experience just from longing. That is why i do not understand apple fan-boys. Why like such a limited and simple system made for middle aged people who do not want to screw things up? That is who it is designed for, not someone who understands computers. You also think they would understand that they are being ripped off. You are paying SO much for the brand, look and operating system. It is just not worth it. I could buy the most bad a$$ case off of newegg and it would still cost a LOT less then the difference between my computer as a pc or as a mac.

The above rant is why i hate any apple fan-boy, apple computers with more then 2 cores, and any apple server. Grow out of it guys, expand your os, expand your mind.

A little bit of research might help you to sound like you know what you're talking about. I presume you're unaware of the underlying Unix (not Linux, real Unix) kernel behind the Mac OS, nor of the clear advantage in instruction set and addressing efficiency the old PPC chipset had over Intel.

I am aware of the Unix shell - I purposely did not address it in my argument because that would have made the comment 3x as long. I do not like the Unix shell at all. (Which is my opinion, but i have heard it from others as well)

I find it incredibly annoying to use the unix shell, and limiting. I suppose my unix arguement is all opinion based but this is an opinion thead.

Also, most apple computers ship with Intel chips now. I did not discuss hardware because they are basically the same.

Never said anything about using one of the (many!) Unix shells. I specifically pointed out that MacOSX uses the Unix kernel. If you're not familiar with that, well, something good to research.

While it is true, that Mac OS use the Unix kernel, they have added so many controls that they eliminate most of the tools that make Unix worth using. Using a flavor of linux (also built off the Unix kernel) is a much better choice.

You know all those shows they like to put on about the naff things we did & bought in days gone by?
You know like Stylophones, the Sinclair Black Watch, leg warmers, those weird clacking balls on string kids used to bruise their arms with in the 70s.
Well I for one am really looking forward to seeing all these people sporting their glossy black idontwork gadgets squirming in their seats in about ten years when the ibubble has burst & their precious overpriced status symbols are ridiculed for the joke they truly are.
The igadgets always remind me of the schoolboy joke about the watch with a lifetime guarantee; when the mainspring breaks it slashes your wrist.

Personally, I just hate the "My" prepended to everything.

Definitely Steve Jobs.

iTunes for windows.

Leave all those apple haters to burn! That's what I say.