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Which Capacitance Meter Should I Buy? Answered

I'm interested in testing some electrolytic capacitors I have, as well as some unmarked ceramic disc capacitors. 

Which one of these would work best for me? Would this hvac one work?





It depends upon what you are trying to accomplish. If you want to test for in-circuit surface mount technologies, choose one that provides a better method of making contact with small components, and deals with small values of capacitance more reliably.

Also do a search on Google for advice on making reliable measurements of surface mount technologies and see if the meters you are looking to purchase fill the criteria.

Realize that all capacitors have in-line resistance and inductance and depending upon what you are trying to accomplish the simultaneous reading of these values may be important to you; i.e. an impedance bridge.

Good luck in your pursuits.

They both will serve the same function. Go with the one you like best. (AKA the cheaper one)