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Which Guitar Should I get?/ Answered

I'm getting a guitar as my Christmas gift from my parents, and i'm a beginner, so i have no idea what is good or bad. I need some one to tell what brands are good, and what I should get. I just want this guitar for fun, I'm not like starting a band. Also, I'm kinda short.


I got a really nice looking Epiphone Les Paul for $350 and a sweet 75 watt Line 6 amplifire for $300. Tip: get "waxed" strings. Tip: if you have the choice, put more money into an amp that a guitar. Tip: get at least 10 guitar picks for every guitar Tip: get a whole lot of different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses and brands of guitar picks

Bit late now but for anyone who looks at this, Yamaha make good guitars and basses they are worth a look.

depends on how much money you are planning on spending on it and if its acoustic or electric. lets say sub 300 dollar electrics (not sure about acoustics): squire (play it first, thier quality control can be iffy) ibanez (makes good instruments, a good choice for a first) schecter (my first electric. some people love them, other people hate them, overall though, they are decent) epiphone (same as squire) those are the big brands most people suggest for sub 300 dollar guitars. like i said though, it depends alot on how much you are spending. the best advice i can give you though is to go to the music store and play all of them in your price range. i know, you dont know how to play. if you take someone that does, that would help you out alot. otherwise, just kind of screw around with all of them and find one that feels right. i wish i could give you some advice for acoustics, but im afraid that i have not played enough to be able to give any advice.

if you got a schechter for less than 300, thats pretty sweet. in terms of acoustics: martin, johnson, and carlo robelli all make decent, low-priced guitars.

well technically, it was 300, but i threw them into the sub 300 dollar category because its $299...

well i got a b.c. rich warlock bronze series (brand new) at guitar center for only $180+tax. really good guitar, my teacher (who has A LOT of experience) says that its a great guitar for just starting. it is the guitar in my guitar instructable.


10 years ago

Make sure you get one with strings, because a guitar with no strings is silly.