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Which Instructables are near me? -- Update your zipcode Answered

In a fast-approaching update to Instructables, we are planning to add zipcode information to profile pages and Instructables. With this information, you'll be able to find Instructables or community members that are nearby. You can already do a limited location-based search using our "location" information (see who's near our control tower in Alameda, for example), but zipcode or postal code will make this better, more accurate, and easier to place on an interactive map.

We're announcing this ahead of the release so you can add your zipcode in, or remove it if that's your choice, before anything goes live. Make changes here:



10 years ago

What is the format for postal code for outside of the US?Because AFAIK there is a American zipcode that is the same as my postal code(IDK for sure)

turk robot.gif

however,I have already typed my postal code,06810.

turk robot.gif

10 years ago

u be quiet,I am at Turkey *starts making a lake from teardrops*

turk robot.gif

wheres Waldo?

Waldo's proper name is Wally (before any Americans jump up and down to shout about the name: "For the initial UK release of Martin Handford's book in 1987, he titled the character "Wally".)

It is Where's Wally, always has, always will!

some dude that gets lost and you have to find him. when i find Waldo i will give him a GPS

I dont understand why anyone here thinks someone is going to stalk them.

creepy that'll make it worse than myspace in terms of being anonymous. the site won't leave a cookie on your browser, but it does leave instructa-stalkers at your door!

Go to your persona page to remove/modify.

I've not only had my address, but explicit directions to our lab on the site for years, and we've yet to have anyone undesirable show up.


really, who lives in Antarctica and goes to instructable? it has to be a researcher since penguins cant type(as far as i know) plus, i didnt think antartica even had zipcodes.

Missouri.........Antartica?!!! Nah Ill stop now


Whoa! Who lives out on that island east of south america? Or better yet, madagascar?

this makes me feel lonely............... (south Dakota)


10 years ago

Uhm... how about privacy? I know our postcode comes up with around 14 houses.... (that is, full format, XX12 1XX) -basically: Would the whole postcode show? or just the first part (signifying the County)

I'm not too familiar with UK postal codes, so I'm not certain if we could just use the first part. In any case, if revealing your postal code is beyond your comfort level, you can always not enter it/remove it whenever you want.

It's like this: SW1A 0AA (South West (london) 1A refers to a grid I think) and then a more specific area such as a few streets, or local area.

The first two letter are (usually)an abbreviation of a country (LN>Lincolnshire) followed by two numbers, then the second part, a number, then two letters.

more@wiki. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UK_postcodes

Yes, a full UK post-code is all a stalker needs.

theres someone behind you and hes getting closer duna dunnadunna dunnadunnadunna dene

Yes, it's our cat, don't worry. =)

I agree, my post code will display around 20 houses, a bit too local for my liking. I think UKians should put in just the beginning, for instance mine is LN1.

lol im sure the ones on the far left in the middle of nowhere have posted tons on how to build boats lol

What about canadian postal codes? Ours are different format aswell. Seems like a bit too much work to be useful. I'd say a map where you can click where your general area is.

Lol, can you throw my postal code up there? N0G2T0 :D Anyone else around me?

Heh, its cool, I know who some of those dots are!

Dots? I thought they were moldy green doughnuts. :-)

Will users be able to see the zip codes of others?

On your profile, your zipcode will be displayed right after "Location."

. I don't think that's a good idea. It should be visible to the owner only; just like e-mail addresses.