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Which Knex Ball Machine is the best? Answered

Choose one of my twenty favourites that are listed here:
A. Chaos (Trainman2000)
B. -xXxXx- (Trainman2000)
C. Twister (CanadianKnex)
D. The Death Trap (39Shadowman)
E. Wipe Out (39Shadowman)
F. Fission (39Shadowman)
G. Diffusion (39Shadowman)
H. Glacier (TheKNexWeasel)
I. Horizon (Thunderclap23)
J. Agility (skidmark440)
K. Snake Pit (skidmark440)
L. IMMEUBLE (Trainman2000)
M. Deux (Trainman2000)
N. Nano (Trainman2000)
O. Lithium (TheKNexWeasel)
P. Enigma (TheKNexWeasel)
Q. Dynamo (TheKNexWeasel)
R. Subatomic Paraball (austron)
S. Subatomic Paraball 2 (austron)
T. Subatomic Paraball 3 (austron)

I would like to get as many answers as possible!

P.S.: My personal favourite is tied between Wipe Out and Twister.


WHY DOES NOBODY KNOW ABOUT METROPOLIS it used 97000 pieces and took over a year to build and is 8 feet tall and over 100 pounds! ITS THE BEST

Personal favourite is Blue Fox by Austron, but from this list, its gotta be wipe out


8 years ago

Wipe out is my fav, because of all the awesome elements .

wipeout, twister and mission to mars

Have you seen any of my 3? Anyway... Top 4: 1)Wipeout 2)-xXxXx- 3)Diffusion 4)Glacier.

Thanks :) I'd build higher ones with more chain links, but I don't have any more at the moment. I won't do anything for a while, I'm moving house in 2 days :P

why not use mini chain links like the ones in all the roller coasters, i have works well

1: Wipeout. 2: Twister. 3: Chaos. 4: Agressor. (I have my reasons for that choice) 5: All others.

:P lol it feels to me like a big machine in a little body :P

agressor isnt on there is it? and thanks for voting for it!!

all of MINE !!! 1.Twister 2.Wipe Out 3.choas

aaallllllllll ooofffff tttthhhheeeemmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Top 4: 1-Wipe out 2-Twister 3-Chaos 4- -xXxXx- Oh and just to let you know, his name is not (CanadianKnex) It's I_am_Canadian. Killer~SafeCracker


8 years ago

Top 4: 1-Wipeout 2-Twister 3-Glacier 4-Chaos