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Which NERF gun under $25 should i get for a 1v1? Read teh details plz. Answered

alright. heres a "tough question".im having a 1v1 nerf war. i also have $25 to kill. i have a recon and a maverick. my friend has no nerf guns or anything! i dont care about wat type of dart, just what gun(s) should i get? you know, like the firefly or the magstrike or 2 strikefires or what! ty in advance!


The FireFly is awesome! Easy to reload compared to the maveric and CS-6 guns. I have one, and I like it better than my longshot. If you play indoors, turning off half the lights really brings out it's Glow darts, and flash's advantages. If you get it be sure to put on the glow in the dark paper that comes with the darts, i've seen people not notice that you have to do that. Hope that helps!

You could get the Rapid-Fire 20, it's automatic, has 20 darts, has decent range, and you can get it at target for $25. Plus it will fill the hole in your collection for a automatic blaster

Magstrike is awesome once you take out the air restrictors in the clip. Its rapid fire. but it takes thirty pumps but thats for the whole clip and you usually hit them before you have to pump again andyou can pump inbetween wars.

I have a recon and its good for cover. Also a tommy twenty if you could do the mod to keep it from jamming. Another is the rapid fire tek its lever action and its got a 6 round clip. Those are all I no for one vs one.

get a big bad bow,take out the orange part sticking out of the tip of the barrel with tool of your choice.(be careful!)before you do anything else, you need a smaller barrel. go to home depot/lowes/ace hardware and ask for cpvc pipe. you will need 1/2 pipe. get a roll of duct tape,and a 7 inch length of your cpvc pipe.wrap duct tape around the cpvc and stick it in the orange tube on the big bad bow , if it's not snug, wrap more, fit inside orange part, see how it fit, repeat.
when the cpvc is really snug, push the cpvc down until a little of the cpvc is sticking out.

when all this is done, that big bad bow should at least 120',so if the enemy runs, snipe em' down!

Would you mod it? If so, a maverick would be good-only if you mod it so it has no air restrictors and the barrel comes out fully. It combines the size of a pistol and the power and multiple dart holding capability of a large gun into a nice little package. You can get two for 20 at walmart. No mods, the hornet would work fine. It can be a bit unreliable, but it will fill in a bit of a gap in your arsenal (you're missing a good medium-duty blaster). Later, if you decide to mod it, it should work even better. Its fairly easy to reload, and the shoot-all-your-darts-at-once capability is good for times when you don't have time to aim or when your target is far away. (ie: moving people, people poking above barriers). All in all, the hornet is a good gun.

i sugesst geting a crossow or makeing a plus bow. it was under 25$ when it came out

the big bad bow. it shoots the farthest out of all nerf guns!