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Which avatar should I use? Answered

Ok, This is a 4 way choice. I can only have one at a time. what should my avatar be? we have: -soulja boy -50 cent -AR-4 v2-4 vote -n8man-6 votes what should I use as my avatar? one vote per person, ballots will close Saturday...


Make the green highlights red, and get rid of the echo, just make it a solid name

Can you change the color of my name to a lighter shade of blue? thanks for effort!

got the root image and change the hue around in gimp for some reason the colorage wasn't working correctly so I had to eyeball it then i just copied your text onto it, poorly

Yeah, n8man's is good.

contest has been over........its a bit late

Ooops, didn't look at the date.... :-)

its for you

Last two, the other two are poor candidates as avatars, they'd make people think you're a wannabe rapper, or one of those really annoying kids that tries to talk like one when he clearly isn't...

The DJ radio one then. Maybe you should have a go at creating your own, just a thought... I personally just use a recent photo of me for now... That's the most recent I have, at some point in the future its meaning shall be uncovered...

Fair enough... Any notions for what you would like I'm good with photieshop and have free time...

Hmm, When I release my next knex gun (which only needs the barrel done, then testing), I will give you some instructions on what I want in my avatar

hellz no

my one(ar4)

Ok, But when I post my SPEC-9 v2, i want you to make me a new one....

well look at viccies rails it makes it so the ammo can be a grey rod attached to a red connector

Once you pick one keep it forever cause it gets kind of annoying when people change it all the time.

err, It keeps you fresh..........

just dont change it too often

Your gun


9 years ago

The third one

The first two make you a wannabe. The gun one is fuzzy when small. The last one should be trademarked. Go for the last one.