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Which credit cards have the lowest fees for international purchases or currency conversions? Answered

Many credit cards have started raising their fees for international purchases and currency conversions. What issuer has the lowest overall fees for traveling, particularly for US travelers in Portugal and Spain?

International and Foreign Conversion Fees: Credit Card Company Comparisons claims that Capital One cards have the lowest fees, followed by American Express. Does anyone recent personal experience traveling and avoiding fees?


For financial information you should try mint.com very good site and they have credit card information based on your credit card score and limits and other junk.


you should also try going to annualcreditreport.com to get your free CC score.


Do be aware that the more you try to view/qualify/check anything to do with CC score it drops your rating. good luck!

Freecreditreport.com is not free!!!!!

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I haven't had a problem with Capital One. I'm using the Canadian version and I've yet to run into a fee on international purchases, even buying from Thailand. Their exchange rates are usually more favorable than PayPal's as well. That said, I have no idea what they're like now. I adopted Cap. One very early on and the contract that I have isn't advertised anymore.

According to the adverts - Capital One is the lowest rates for 'hidden fee' garbage. I deal with HSBC (Canada), so not much use to you :(