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Which do you think is the best looking real rifle? Answered

What do you think is the best looking (real) rifle? I'd have to go with the H&K SL9. I might try making one actually...


408 cheytac goes 4.70073 miles, 375 cheytac goes 5.01892 miles, 416 barrett goes 4.13823 miles, and the 338 lapua goes 4.17232 miles.

4.48482 miles in standard atmospheric conditions, using the 750 grain hornady A-max at 2700 feet per second. The 50 bmg is capable to about 2000 meters fairly easily. The EDM arms windrunner is a much better rifle than the barrett m82.

It's a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) as subclass of SMGs where it does fire a small caliber but the caliber is still capable of piercing body armor.

It saves lots of space by stacking them sideways.

Which is how all box magazines do it... however unlike most other guns it loads the magazine on the top in a bullpup fashion offering a more compact weapon with just as good as accuracy. It's also the leading competitor with the MP7. We could go on and on we get it we all know about certain guns.

actually one of my friends has shot one at a shooting range and he said it was inaccurate and he liked the mp5 more.

well I'm sorry because they have pretty good accuracy. it might have been the gun though.
P.S. am i the only one who doesn't like the mp5?

(1.) The gun may have not been cleaned properly or something. (2.) yes

Strange. Well either way when a couple of bad guys are coming my way I'd rather have the P90 (well actually an MP7 but that's not an option) than the MP5 which won't do anything to them if they're wearing body armor.

Yeah because of the 4.7mm (I think) round made for higher speeds and penetrating body armor.


9 years ago

Mosin Nagant made in 1891 im an old soviet fan lol. Had too much fun with it in Cod 5 P.S i will rate everyone of your instructables 5 if you can make one thats good.

And I'm gonna get it on Xbox soon! Yay for incompatibility!


Maybe, I'm still working on my handgun. And you should rate every instructable ok it's own, not all instructables based on 1.

is that handgun semi automatic?

No, handle loading split-slide.

that was a reference to one of your other projects.

Technically yours :) Lol.

1 that 5 thing is called a prize. 2 DON'T it would be worthless to make one. why? i did it, after i said that, lol, a lot of work sry, but no post unless i can get the bullet to go further than 20 ft ( won't even come out of the barrel ATM) well, unless i get mare than 10 knexers and 3 knexperts begging.

mosin nagant 001.JPGmosin nagant 002.JPGmosin nagant 011.JPGmosin nagant 012.JPGmosin nagant 013.JPGmosin nagant 014.JPGmosin nagant 003.JPGmosin nagant 004.JPGmosin nagant 005.JPGmosin nagant 006.JPGmosin nagant 007.JPGmosin nagant 008.JPGmosin nagant 009.JPGmosin nagant 010.JPG

having looked at the pics again, it actually looks a lot better in real life.