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Which glue that is food & heat safe should I use to repair a slow cooker ceramic bowl ? Answered


your better off throwing the thing in the trash and get another one. It would also have to be water tight.

or you can just probably put the pieces back together and use one of them slow cooker bags.

If you cant afford one, find someone who is getting married and pick up the heaviest box at the reception. Its a slow cooker. (we got 3 when i got married)

Honestly slow cookers are so cheap I'd probably just get a new one. It might cost less then a specialized adhesive that may or may not be a long term fix.

A 2 part ceramic epoxy will be your best bet. But i don't know if it would be food safe.

I cant think of a glue that will do your job.

However I can think of how to fix your slow cooker.

All of these places you can probably find the part you want for just a buck or two.

Paws and Claws takes in donations and sells them to help lost and abandoned pets.

Salvation Army store

Good Will and a hole host of other organizations have flea markets for support funds.

No matter what you use there will always be a good chance it will separate eventually - MOST manufacturers will sell you a new bowl - or - in the Uk at least, a new pot isn't going to cost the earth.

Epoxy is about the only thing hat might hold it - You will have t check to glues safety sheet to see of i is food safe - most likely yes.