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Which gun do you want first? Answered

Ok, I am having a difficult time deciding on which v2 to work on first. I am building v2's on all of them, but I want to see which one you want first.

vote choices:
  • SPEC-9 v2 (i figured out how to make it use less parts so I can finish it now)
  • Jackal .357 v2 (may be renamed if I build it). Also specify if you want a mag on this gun or not if you vote for it
  • RX-bow v2

Closing date is this thursday, 12:00 noon central time.


a unaminous vote for the SPEC-9 v2 means ill build that (came in form of Longbow v2)


That semi-auto revolver.

first of all, that wasnt an option. second, when I built it, someone told me my mech was not semi-auto, so I scrapped the project since it shot 6 inches.

my 50 ft true semi auto is coming! no joke

Looks big and messy but hey as long as it's a true semi auto with decent power I'm happy, barrax obama?

you should be able to see it in your unpublished ' Can you build it?

Sorry I dont' have the pieces open at the moment otherwise I would.

oh well. I finally looked at Jamalams 222. damn

it is big. it is messy. it is half untested. don't suppose you'd like to build it before everyone else and test it for me? if so i'll collaborate.

Does this really need public appeal?

You could just ask someone in a comment, or just do it yourself. If your gonna make all 3, why ask?

Probably spec.


9 years ago

spec !