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Which is better to build a gun with: legos, knex, or both? Answered

I enjoy building knex and lego guns but I want to know which is better.  Can you help me?



i think what in the world are good guns? guns that shoot far? ones with clips?

they botyh have their strengths and weaknesses like lego you can get better small details because there is more deteail but K'nex is cheaper.

I prefer knex because although I've been playing with legos far longer than knex, I've found it near impossible to design a lego gun, but knex was easy material to work with.  It's a bit harder to put the parts together, but you can bust out better designs that are more powerful. 

Well K'nex are a lot more user friendly. They're also a lot more powerful. They're kind of limited though.
Legos are harder to use and usually aren't as powerful. However, they can make for far more complex mechanisms (I saw a gun on youtube that had a real pump action cocking and loading mechanism with tube magazine) that just can't be done with K'nex. They also arguably make more realistic replicas. 
It depends what you want them to do. Legos make for more impressive guns as far as innovation and looks go. They're better to show off. K'nex make for better working guns as far as function goes. They're also easier for others to build so if you want people to build your guns, K'nex would be better.