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Which is preferable? A riding mower with a rear mounted engine or a fore mounted engine? Answered

 I am looking into purchasing a used riding mower and can't seem to find any objective information online. I'm not sure what to look for and would appreciate any advice anyone can offer. Thanks!


It depends on the size of the yard being mowed. Rear mounted engines on small riding mowers gives you more visibility and mobility (i.e. you won't be mowing your flower beds or pets). The front mounted ones are more versatile, they have more power and can have attachments(like utility carts,seeders,snow blowers). I would use a rear mounted mower for anything under a quarter acre.


8 years ago

 I think its pretty much up to what you prefer. Personally, ever since I first used an xmark zero turn while doing landscape maintenance Ive been spoiled, lazer and dixie chopper are also great zero turn mowers that are quick, manuerverable and give a great cut with proper blade maintenance

Check whether Consumer Reports has opinions on the relative safety/manuverability/maintainability of the two designs. This is the kind of thing they're good at.