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Which is the FM transmitter antenna ? Answered

When I wanted to expand my FM transmitter broadcast range I found a White and Red and Black wires please specify me which is the antenna one .



Best Answer 7 years ago

Your question is pretty vague, but my guess would be the white one... Red=power, Black=ground, White=signal/antenna?!

Cool reasoned response.


It should be EASY to figure out which spot is the antenna. Just take a scrap piece of wire of any length 5 or 10 ft long (whatever). leave one end hanging off the end of your table. Bare the wire on the OTHER end. Touch the bare end to various points in the transmitter. Listen to the signal on a receiver and just listen for the signal to clear-up and sound better. Thats the spot. Solder it on and you are done. Only do this if you are using a small LOW POWER transmitter commonly used to broadcast I-pods music etc. Dont do this if transmitter is high powered. (it would be dangerous).

It is low power one now I would like to know if it would increase the range if I solder a old radio antenna to it . I would like it to broadcast the sound few meters at good quality .


7 years ago

I know there are more then one kind of FM transmitters.
Please tell more about your FM transmitter.
Does it have a Name ?
What is the broadcast range now ?
Did you buy it, or was it a gift ?
How big is it ?


It is a generic FM transmitter from eBay so see at http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-Channel-LCD-FM-Transmitter-Car-Charger-for-iPod-MP3-MP4-CD-Player-/280918757896?pt=Other_MP3_Player_Accessories&hash=item4168101208 for more information, so late to reply it .