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Which is the all around better netbook? Asus Eee pc 1002ha, or HP mini 2140? Answered



9 years ago

I'd go with the Asus over HP anyday. Since you didn't supply the specs and a quick google search didn't enlighten me. If you are looking for more speed get an EEE with a solid state disk and linux although you may lose a litte bit of useability being SSD in these are usually pretty small. If you are looking for cheapness and ease of use get an Aspire One with Windows XP. If you want one with the full laptop capabilities I suggest looking at Sonys line of mini laptops, while they do cost the same as a regular laptop they do pack the same amount of power. The most important thing when choosing any laptop is the screen size and resolution, this is because you can not easily change it. As a secondary cautions since you are looking for a netbook specifically, you also need to worry about keyboard size. The ram in these can always be upgraded later and any operating system you would have on them would use a maximum of 3gb. Also the hard drive can always be taken out and replaced with another bigger, faster, etc, one.

For me it's neither. The eee pc 1000 Linux OS 40gb solid state hard drive can't be beat.

I like the EEE that we have at our house. It has a very strong hinge and it's fast enough for flash games.

Do not get VISTA on a netbook. It will be sloooowwwww

They can all be more or less the same as they all run on the same Atom CPU and chipset. Look at the keyboard, screen size and RAM/hard drive for the price.