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Which is the best online store selling electrical components i.e LEDs,resistors ect(uk only)? Answered

i would like to make some of the electical projects especially LED stuff, but not sure where is best to order my parts? i dont know exactley what parts yet,just need ageneral allround electrical online supplier. thanks



I <em>don't </em>believe it's Maplin, but <a href="http://www.phenoptix.co.uk/">www.phenoptix.co.uk/</a> is a member around here (if a quiet one) <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/phenoptix/">www.instructables.com/member/phenoptix/</a><br /> <br /> L<br /> <br />

He couldn't supply extreme short-wavelength LEDs, but he at least said so.


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The Maplin bricks-and-mortar stores are good if you need something in a hurry and happen to have one near you. However, they are pricy and because they carry minimal stock, don't expect to get more than 2 of anything.<br /> On-line, I mainly use <a href="http://www.rapidonline.com/">Rapid </a>if I'm buying over 20 quids worth as they have a minimum postage charge of 5 pounds-ish.<br /> <a href="http://uk.farnell.com/">Farnell</a> have an incredibly large product range and free P&P, but the components are more expensive than Rapid (but may be more cost-effective for small orders). Both have always delivered next-day to me (although postal strikes may affect this in the next few weeks.)<br />