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Which is the better laptop? Answered

I am looking for a laptop for school.
Which will deliver the better overall performance?

Acer Aspire v3

Processor Type: Intel
Processor Model: i7-3630QM
Processor Speed: 2.4GHz
Processor Core: Quad-core
Cache: 6MB
Operating System: Windows 8 64-bit
System Memory (RAM): 6GB
Type of Memory (RAM): DDR3
Hard Drive Type: SATA
Graphics: GeForce GT 730M
Video Memory: 2GB

Dell Inspiron 17R 5721

Processor:    Intel Core 3rd Generation i7-3537U Processor (4MB Cache, up to 3.1 GHz)
Memory:    8GB RAM at 1600MHz
HardDrive:    1x1TB SATA Hard Drive
VideoCard:    Intel® HD Graphics 4000



5 years ago

I think Acer Aspire v3 is very good.It has More efficient system!

What do you intend to do with the laptop? What kinds of programs do you expect to run?

- better for gaming with the video card it has.
- slower CPU
- less RAM.
- no mention of HDD

- lower end video card
- faster CPU
- more RAM
- plenty of HDD space.

If you plan to do some gaming you'll get better overall performance with the Acer. Both will blow away your basic school needs.

Thanks for your reply. Besides school use and other basic things, I will use it to play some games and perhaps edit videos. What does the CPU's speed affect and will the 0.7ghz difference be noticeable? Also, will 2GB of RAM make much of a difference?

Video editing goes much faster with more RAM and a faster CPU. It helps speed up the encoding process. That 2GB difference can be big with video editing.

If you want it to last, don't go for high power gaming performance in a laptop graphics card. I have a friend who owns a business repairing laptop motherboards at the chip level for major suppliers - single most likely thing to fail on the board is the graphics chip apparently.


5 years ago

neither one.

No, but there are better ones than that.

And, unless you are comfortable with it I would stay away from Win 8. Microsoft has now lost around 900 million on it because they are trying to force the market place to adapt to what Microsoft wants rather than them making a product that the market place wants.

OK, just read the article rather than skimming it and its not all from Windows 8, but its in there.

I definitely prefer win7 to win8. So are both of these laptops "hero" laptops...?

of course there are better ones, but I was asking which is better between the two