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Which knex ball machine is the best???? Answered

Just write your answer (as a number of the ball machine), and then any random comments you want to say. Also, in your answer please also write to worst knex ball machine. Anyway, here are the options: 1. xXxXx 2. CHAOS 3. Deux 4. Relentless 5. Immeuble 6. Micro 7. Box 8. Lithium 9. Nano 10. Dos 11. Uno 12. Project N 13. Project S 14. Circle So which is the best, and which is the worst???


project chaos is the best

Shadowman39's Wipeout and soon-to-be Cataclysism are by far the best, you fools! Anyone who thinks otherwise must have a blind side for  k'nex. (just joking)

This is an old question, we all know now.

think its a tie with wipeout, xXxXx, and chaos:)

i love the project chaos the most. that is what i call chaos. good job on it. i couldnt think of that ever!!!!!

RELENTLESS!!! what about my others ayy? o.m

But, it isn't innovative. Wipe Out has a stair, spiral, circular and an arm lift. Twister has a stepper lift. The one that you suggested has a chain lift or two.

i would say any ball machine it depends on what style you like


9 years ago


I think the xXxXx is aweeesssoommmeee !!!! And the worst one project 'S' or 'N'.