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Which knexers play guitar? Answered

Which knexers on here play guitar?  I was thinking about posting some knex and guitar related ibles, but I want to know what kind of things you want. Any ideas?


i play guitar and mostly i play metal

I play bass! And a bit of guitar.

I play rap music. :-P

Bleh, I have one but could never be bothered to keep teaching myself and classes are in shortage around here. Seriously, if you could make a custom guide to learning guitar based on a target audience of teens, you'd easily get a featured ible. I haven't searched for guitar guides on here but I'm pretty sure all are generic and boring. Someone needs to make them somewhat entertaining. If you could figure that out.

Well obviously some humor would be a plus. Mainly though, as you get into notes and cords, it'd be cool to teach them in in such a way that you could start playing riffs to popular but simple songs. Have it so we can start playing those ASAP so we get hooked and then keep building on our chords so we learn more complicated riffs. That was my main problem. I wanted to learn all the basic chords sure but it felt too long until I could play anything with them. Also, if you wouldn't be afraid to throw in some videos or at least pictures for how you position for chords, that'll be helpful for the clumsy-fingered who can't figure it out with words alone.

Ill keep thinking of more things.

After looking at comments, a music stand may be nice. I don't have one for at home when I practice my sax.

there is a table top one somewhere on the site the tall stand doesn't work

first of all instead of says: the comments say ay:ssKiller~afeCrackerSJune 10, 2011. 10:25 AM second of all i dont play guitar but i do play french horn

I play drums and fiddle with an electric guitar, but I do the most on my keytar. Maybe you could make a drum sticks holder?

I play bass guitar, I hope it's good enough :P

what would you like to see be made out of knex that relates to guitar or music?


7 years ago

i play a black acoustic fender.

i do i play a classic '70s electric guitar.


7 years ago

I play piano...