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Which members have the power to feature an instructable?? Answered

Which members of Instructables have the power to feature an Instructable?? I will give out best answer. Killer~SafeCracker



Best Answer 8 years ago

As Ookseer pointed out,
The instructables staff
Have the ability to feature instructables.

So do other members such as:
Mr. Rig It

There are 34 members of the Feature Team.

Who they are is not important.

What is important is that you produce your best work possible, in order that it becomes worth Featuring.

ah, but killerjackalope all but told me that if he has no interest in the subject matter he won't look at it; no matter how good the instructable is.

He is just one member - there are around 50 now, with a broad range of interests.

Very few featurable projects slip through our grasp.

I know it's not important ,but I was just wanting to know who they were. How does one get on the feature team??

By invitation from Eric, although some later members were recommended to Eric by existing members.

A member of the feature team does not need to post lots of projects, but does have to show that they care about the site, about the quality of what is posted, and be generally civilised and helpful.

Being online far more than is healthy is also a plus.

hhhmmmmm r u a mamber of the FT because u meet all of those criteria ,,especially that last one,,

I knew it!! *slips wad of cash in kiteman's pocket* What do u think of my ibles kiteman?

i have a weird question!! How come some knex questions which are lowly rated have winner on them? Which contest did they win?

It's because the "answered" thing is part of the same lump of code that labels actual contest winners as winners. They haven't gotten around to adding a separated answered banner yet.

I have personally seen many ibles that have good grammar, good quality photos, good quality instructions, etc, and they arent featured as well. Mainly its the knexibles, but I have seen many others.

Also, (this is something to think about for you guys on FT), I know a lot of times where you cant do a good job of something despite your best work, example, sucky camera (Me=victim of this), grammar (namely with foreign dudes). Despite their best effort, its not good enough. I propose something for this. I dont know what, but its just an idea I am throwing out there.

I know I'm generalising, but many of the knexibles are either blurred or too small, and the instructions tend to be "make what you see in the picture".

They tend to lack that je ne sais quoi, that certain cool factor that shows off what this site is all about.

That's is not a dig at K'NEX (let's not start that argument again), it's a simple consequence of K'NEXers tending to be our younger members - they have not had the time to gain the skills and experience to produce featurable projects.

Sometimes, your best is not somebody else's not good enough.

So judge their Instructables on what they can do. Not on how much better someone else can do it.

When I say "someone else", I mean the Feature Team - the best you can do might not be up to the standards required for it to be featured.

So why don't they judge the Instructable for what it is?? People have great ideas but can't always get to what they need. Example: good camera, time, things of that nature. So, in the long run what is needed for an Instructable to get featured?? Do you have to be perfect??

Good photography and grammar are part of the criteria for getting featured - it's no good having a brilliant idea if you can't communicate it properly.

Most knexibles that fit my statements have the best quality instructions around, and regarding your statement about "that certain cool factor that shows off what the site is all about". Knex makes up a huge portion of the site, so it could show off what the site was about anyways. Knex was originally made for kids under 10- thats why knexers are younger. Yeah, I guess I could leave it at that.

Roughly 28,000 projects altogether, roughly 2300 K'NEX projects. 8% - significant, but hardly "huge".

I know, but considering how huge knex is at first glance in the community and makes a class of its own....

Well it does already have it's own section, but out of the 2300 knex projects only a handful (about 30) have been featured.


8 years ago

People who work at instructables review everyone's instructables and select good ones to feature. If not, Pros do

You dont have to be pro to be on the feature team.

Bartboy forgot gmjhowe (sorry jake)

Instructables staff chooses which ones get featured.

Who are they? These are they.

(They seem to be immune to bribery and begging, but if you read through the bios you'll find that there are certain subjects which tend to tickle their fancy.)

that doesnt always work like that, I have seen people who always seem to feature knexibles when it isnt in their bios.