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Which model of Raspberry pi should I buy? Answered

I want to buy a raspberry pi. My budget is about 30$ (Rs.2000 INR). And there is not any specific project for which I want to buy. Also I’m beginner to this. So
1) Which model should I buy?
2) Where can I find raspberry pi at lowest price?
3) Any kit available in this price range?



Best Answer 2 years ago

I have and like the raspberry pi 3. It is pretty snappy at most things except web browsing. The 3 has a 1.2GHz quad core ARMv8 with 1Gbyte of RAM shared between the GPU and CPU. In my opinion the Pi 3 is just barely powerful enough for desktop type use. The older ones are SLOW!

for that reason, I would not recommend getting the older ones. They are sold for almost the same price and they are many times slower. The Pi 3 is the best value for about $37 after shipping. I got mine from element 14. If $37 is too far out of budget, then the raspberry Pi zero is definitely the best value and most affordable option. However you will need to be able to solder and get the nessesary peripials for it.

You will not be able to get a decent Pi kit for $30 since the latest Pi's by themselves go for $35 not including shipping. The kits do not save much money, either. Buying all parts separately will cost roughly the same.

Finally I decided to gather some more money and buy Pi 3.

According to your suggestion , I checked element 14 & I found that pi 2 is for Rs.2900 and Pi 3 is for Rs.3000 & also that they are official dealer of raspberry Pi. Luckily my father had account on it, so it will be easier to buy.

Also one thing I noticed as (Jonathanrjpereira) said, Pi 3 has inbuilt wifi and bluetooth. If I go to buy them separately then they will cost me min. Rs.500 more.

So it will be better to buy Pi 3 now.

The Raspberry Pi Zero isn't available in any online store in India as of now(3/4/2016). I just bought my first Raspberry Pi a week ago. According to me if you are will to spend Rs 1500 more i.e. between Rs3000-3500INR you can get the latest Raspberry Pi 3 which has inbuilt WiFi & Bluetooth Low Energy & has a 1.2Ghz quad core CPU vs the 900Mhz quad core CPU on the RasPi 2 B. I think its worth the extra cash.

I agree with you. I think I should add some more money and buy raspberry pi 3.

Which one did you bought and from where??

I bought the RasPi 3 from SparkFun using a gift coupon which I won in the Intel+Instructables Invitational Contest.

What project do you need it for?

A very cheap one is the Raspberry Pi Zero, Which costs $5

What do you want to do with it?

Search ebay google and Amazon

See above. (the pi home has the largest range)

Zero, cheapset, flexible, easy to get - After that decide what you want to do.