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Which one is more environmentally friendly?Pencil or mechanical Pencil?? Answered

and also how both of them are harmful to environment. personally think that it is a pencil which is better



As Arjoon himself pointed out, it depends on the quality of either. Better quality mechanical pencils might cost more but would be usable longer. (I have some that are decades old.)

So the question as posed is under-specified. It's going to be a matter of analyzing the contents and manufacturing processes and usable lifespans of not just two projects, but many. And while there are some resources you could try (Consumer Reports, for example), I think you're going to have to do your own research if you want a credible answer.

Have fun.

Well, I can't think of all the scenarios, so I'll offer mine. The case for me would be a good mechanical pencil that doesn't break or get lost, which is what I have, versus regular pencils. I'd have to argue for the mechanical pencil in this case, since you have to throw away pencils once it gets too short to write, creating a lot of wasted wood and graphite (yeah, I know you can staple two pencils back to back, but even then you have to waste some of it). It is also true that it would take more energy to make pencils, since mechanical pencil refills only require the energy to make the graphite and the plastic case (I do wish a company comes out with paper cases, though). I think it is okay to produce a small amount of plastic if it means less waste in the future. Saying that wood is better than plastic without context is assuming that everyone uses their mechanical pencils a few times before throwing it away. It may be true for some people that their mechanical pencils break or get lost with regularity, and for those people, it would make sense to get pencils. However, if you keep reusing the same mechanical pencil, I would think that it is more environmentally friendly compared to pencils.

Id say a regular pencil. If you can use it all the way to the end, and if its made from reforested wood. Plus, the mechanical pencil refills last alot less time than a regular pencil lead.

Interesting. On the face of it, I immediately thought "mechanical pencil". After reading your reply I'm not so sure. You make good points about reforested timber and the life of a mechanical pencil refill. I prefer to write with a pencil unless I absolutely have to use a pen, and they wear out fast. I wonder how many years a mechanical pencil would last with constant use. Any architects out there?

yeah exactly tha's the issue


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Keep in mind also that pencil lead is not lead but a mixture of graphite and clay. Using it, the graphite form of carbon, in this way means that it does not enter into the environment as an exhaust gas. Its a stable form of carbon that remains inert so its actually a form of carbon sequestration. But it is in quantities that are so small that it will not make a difference, except in your particular case where it should be a factor to consider.

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The answer is exactly "it depends".

It depends on the value of the materials used as well as the human cost of producing it in whichever country it comes from. It also depends on the understanding of what "environmental cost" means as that is in itself subjective.

It's also a good exercise in TOE's reply - two means of the same result. And that is the basis for understanding human reasoning, including logic and subjective assessment and value judgement.

And, yes, it sounds a lot like homework - but, hey, we all have to learn, right?
The teacher should have some credit for setting such a great topic: I wish we had had that when I was at school. There's really no substitute to teach people how to look "at the bigger picture".

Godd luck with your assignment! ;-)

LOL!!!! everyone thinks that it is a homework. Pfff. i do all my homework by myself.
I was just wondering because i see more mechanical pen to be more likely be damaged before writing the expected amount of lines.

Sounds like homework to me.

I doubt that it makes any significant difference. How many of either do you actually use in your lifetime?

It also depends on exactly which pencils or mechanical pencils you're talking about. There are disposable mechanical pencils, and traditional pencils made from nontraditional materials.

If you really want an answer, you're going to have to do the research to understand what the materials are, what their environmental impact is, how much of each is used, what the environmental impact of the manufacturing processes are....

Ask yourself how you might find an answer each of those questions. Each *should* suggest more questions.
Break it down until you have simple enough questions that you know how to find answers to them; find those answers, and recombine the results to answer the original question.

it''s not a homework. I've seen that wood pencils last more than a mechanical pen which usually makes a few pages and break. I see more mechanical pen than pencil shavings in the bin. So all these plastic....

I would concentrate on the big things before worrying about trivial things. How many miles per gallon does your car get? Do you drive an SUV or a small car. Is your house air conditioner and furnace efficient or old and wastefull. Have you converted all your homes lighting to fluorescent, or are you still using incandescent? Don't worry about pencils.

My car travels only 5KM per month. It is a toyota corolla e90. I don't have an airconditioner. No furnace or these thingy i've never seen one. Yes i use fluorescent and leds now(goes for the car also).
Just asking about pencils that's all

The answer is "it depends" :-)

For example, it depends on the length of time used.  A mech pencil that is used only once, and jams or is thrown out, is a lot less green than a wood pencil.  OTOH a mech pencil that is used with a few dozen leads will produce fewer environmental issues than a few dozen wood pencils.  There are undoubtedly other factors, and it's awfully difficult to consider them all and consider them quantitatively.  Give it your best shot, and good luck!