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Which online trading site should I use? ETrade or TDAmeritrade? Answered

I am a novice investor and I need to make a little more cash  (day job isn't paying all the bills). I would like to not have to use a paypal account. I have chosen these two to choose from because they are reliable,reputable and they are in my price range. I am leaning more towards etrade but tdameritrade has the immediate option of adding your routing number to your checking account. Anyways I just want to see if anyone here uses either and which one is the best for basic stock trading and money making? Also if you have better ideas for me to make a little money online please let me know because I'm just a bit desperate for cash right now. Thank you


I was affected by the global financial crisis and lost the job. I had no idea what to do, however, at that time, trading seems to be the only reliable and easiest options to earn income from home. Honestly, I tried hand on stock and forex, but never succeeded then one of my friends suggested me options trading to try on Money Mentors Club whose review you can read here http://www.binaryoptionsplace.com/test-results-money-mentors-club-binary-system. Options trading provide us opportunity to make money by just taking the right position of asset’s value for specific time period. If prediction goes right we get profit or else we lost our investment. My journey started with depositing $250 and recently I quit on $76000 profit into my account. Well as far as your concern, today, choices of trading platform are plenty, but you need to make sure that the one you are picking is reliable and safe.

Remember that this is gambling, any other form of gambling may be equally profitable for you.
Understand arbitrage if you're placing multiple bets.


I understand that in all reality this is just gambling, but the
Success rate is a bit higher with stock trading than playing blackjack or what
Have you.

Arbitrage is like hedging, the idea is to balance risk by exploiting different odds. If you get it right you can be sure to make money, but you don't make much per transaction so you have to work hard...
E.g. a football(American) match; it's highly unlikely that a game will be a draw, so you bet one amount one way with one book-maker and a different amount the other way with a different book-maker offering different odds. The result, if you do the math' right is that either way you're up 50c or 1$.


So in a way its similar to a mutual fund. Correct?

I don't know what a mutual-fund is, but you have to do some hedging to be safe, otherwise it's just gambling.



6 years ago

I use eTrade and happy with it.