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Which router is best D-link or Netgear ? Answered


Well as a owner of net gear, d-link, belkin, and linksys routers i can say that basically they all do the same the netgear and linksys has about the same range....the belkin and d-link are about tip for tat for range....as for speed they all are about same as in the router is only gonna be as fast as the internet or modem will allow it to be....all the g gate routers or 54meg are basically obsolete with the introduction of the n gate routers which if your looking for speed is the best bet....connectivity issues are gonna happen from time to time as for other neighbors signals interfere with yours so channel selection to avoid this issue is a must so the rule i always use is trial and error....if your on a budget a cheaper router will do what u want but as in with everything in life you get what you pay for...-)...hope this helps

Avoid both d-stink and crapgear. Linksys/cisco all the way!

Linksys/cysco come in d-link or netgear. Linksys and cysco are not 3rd and 4th options

the question which is best. if both in my mind are rated at a zero out of ten, then they both get zero recommendation.

. I've had real good luck with Linksys. I have a cable modem, wireless router, and USB wireless receiver, all from Linksys and all work very well.

Not sure about the ranges but remember to set up the security on netgear, I'm stealing the neighbours internet right now, not out of choice though, they have an awful internet connection but it's a testament to the netgear since the house is around a hundred feet away... Granted the netgear adapter isn't as good as the cheaper BT voyager for range but seems to be better at connecting - not sure but at a guess I'd say the trade off is more noise for range...

It all depends on where u live and how big your house is, big house net gear, small apartment d-link.

It depends really, if you add security then it it's more about what you want to do with it, if you live in an apartment you might find that the longer range one serves you well if there's shared space, so you can work elsewhere, granted the point about trading off range and economy still stands... I'd say limiting yourself to only those two choices wouldn't make sense though, you could get range and economy by looking...

That's true. But we need some imput from this guy, what do u live in what are u using wifi for. We are trying our best to help u but we need some help from u. Just remember when buying netgear long range d-link short range. I own a linksys brand router highly recomended bought it for~$80 it is netgear easy to set up and is working within ~10-15min. Excellence range. Plus netgear routers have higher internet speed. Just go to your electronic shop and look at a netgear box and a d-link box. Once again netgear faster speed and longer rsnge, d-link short range slower speed. When I say slower I do not mean a snail compared to a roadrunner. It 3g compared to ~2.5g hope this helps a lot Miiwii3

. Define "best".

Well it depends, d-link is good of u live in an apartment because it's wifi range is shorter(that is why it is cheaper) use netgear is better if u have a house and u want wifi in all your rooms(plus if u put it by your back door u will get wifi outside too) that is why it Is more expensive. So here how it goes, d-link, short range, netgear, long range. Hope this helped Miiwii3

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