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Which side of the arduino protoshield is positive/negative on this area? Answered

I am just starting out with Arduino and I have been working on assembling the Protoshield. I am about to install the green LED shown in this picture from Make.com but I don't know which way the LED should be orientated because it didn't say in the guide and I couldn't figure it out on the board. If you could please say that 1= positive and 2= negative it would help me out alot. Thanks!



10 years ago

Your question is not very clear. If you mean which way the LED goes in the circuit, the longer leg goes to positive voltage. The shorter leg goes to ground. Don't forget the resistor. LEDs are also diodes. Putting them in backwards just means it won't light up, you won't break anything.


Answer 10 years ago

no you don't understand my question. i'm trying to figure out which hole on the arduino board is positive/negative since i know the long leg is positive voltage.