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Which type of computer is best? Answered

Ok, so my father has offered to pay for HALF of a new computer. But which type is the best? Macs are very aesthetic, but expensive. I also would be dual booting it with windows. PC's are cheaper, but sometimes that also reflects in the hardware. My only requirement is that it be gaming compatible. Big monitor, if it's like a iMac and has one built in. High performance graphics. I'd like atleast 4gb of memory, but 8+ would be delightful. Harddrive space isn't really an issue, since I am currently using about 60 gb. I have something like $400 right now. I could probably make that around 800 - 900 by the end of the summer. So a Mac is defiantly a possibility. Also, I'm a student so I get a $100 dollar rebate from the Mac store.


U need more money... www.dell.com They have good computers...

Dell = Overrated!
They're more expensive performance wise.
Most companies are...

Dell rocks. They have a PC for $999 AUD which is even cheaper in Americam dollars

But do they perform well? That's the biggest issue.

No. They have a wonderful tendency to die suddenly as well or something goes drasticly wrong. Not to sound fanboy-ish but if you want something that's gonna last and perform stick with a mac. Apple computers also hold there value very well if you care for it, think as it as almost an investment!

After reading your previous posts, it looks like you don't want to build one yourself. However, http://tinyurl.com/o8zbu9 says how to make a very nice gaming PC for under $800. That is in your budget. Check it out!

well....the BEST thing to do is build the computer yourself. I know you say its too much money but if you wait for good deals on sites like newegg your gonna get a lot better deal on a lot better hardware, and plus you get to customize it to your own needs, and you wont be buying a computer thats loaded with advertisments (A.K.A. Vista on a store-bought pc; usually loaded with junk programs and such) For gaming, you can take out Compaq, eMachines, Gateway (unles you plan to spend around $1,500 to $2000 dollars for something resembling a gaming rig)...this list goes on. The only good cheap one i know of is Dell, honestly. My $400 laptop from Dell runs Call of Duty 4 pretty well. But if you are truly insistent on keeping from dell, you can dish out for an Alienware. Macs...uughh...i can see where going for one and dual booting windows with it would work, and the rebate, but macs seem too costly compared to what they have in terms of hardware, but thats my opinion.

macs i like i prefer macs because they have more protection has itunes,word,iphone,ipods,more protection,and faster internet.


9 years ago

Upgrade your old PC.

You can only upgrade a computer so much. I have a 10 year old computer with the highest possible graphics card allowed by processor speed running Vista Enterprise with 1 GB of ram.

I would say build your own PC (that's what I did), but that's possibly overdoing it a bit.

Building your own PC is great, but the performance vs. cost chart is way more. Buying parts independently of each other is more expensive. That's how I got my current computer- *now out-dated*.

I also priced out all the parts for a computer once at only $130.

but admittedly, it was a super-cheapo...

Yah. I'm going towards performance. I have lots of cheap computers already...

. Here's Nacho's take on the subject:
. The hardware doesn't make much difference. They all have similar Hz/FLOP/pick-a-metric-for-speed ratings (at least until you get to the high-end of the product lines). With a fast processor and lots of RAM, VMs and emulators work surprising well, but don't expect to run the latest games at full resolution. Drivers for Linux may not exist (that situation is getting better every day). Multi-core processors rock. I <3 my Pentium D, even if it is an energy hog :)
. OS is not a big deal anymore - more a matter of personal preference than anything else. For most ppl, they are just a way to start programs and do simple file management.
. Software is everything. Can you get the app you need for the platform you choose? Even that is not a big deal these days. There seems to be more apps for Windows, but a LOT of those Win apps are duplicates or just plain trash. All of the common apps are cross-platform or have an equivalent. I haven't done any serious work on a Mac in years, but the Mac apps always seemed a little easier to use - YMMV.
. Ie, for most ppl, it doesn't really matter.
. For "artsy" ppl, Mac seems to be the platform of choice. Even if the Mac graphics apps aren't better, there is a larger community to get help from.
. Windows seems to be the platform of choice for serious gamers. Some of the big-name titles are Win-only. Linux is waaayyyyy behind on available games.
. If you are a computer "geek," Linux is the way to go.

Most of the games I play are MMORPG. So as long as it has a browser, it doesn't really matter.

Och, you're starting a flamewar! Long story short, PCs are preferred by gamers and tend to be cheaper and have more options for a limited budget. Macs are more expensive, and are viewed by many to be best at graphics and "designy" applications. There are manymanymanymany more games and programs available for PCs as opposed to Macs.

Gorsh, I hate the flamers over this topic. I am a PC guy, mainly because I love Jon Hodgeman, but also because I'm more of a modder type. Leopard is awesome though.

I agree, live and let live - we all have definite opinions on computing, but that doesn't mean we should denigrate those who disagree with us. >Climbs off soapbox

Great... now I have to go put up my torches and pitchforks...

No, no, keep them! We're headed over to the knex threads next.


9 years ago

I'd probably drop the bomb on an iMac, however for gaming it's going to be a PITA to have to reboot into Windows (being a Mac ignorant there is probably a program where you can run Windows as a Virtual machine ("on top of OSX") *looks to gmjhowe* :) )

Also do you want to play the latest & greatest games? With a Mac you might find problems upgrading the hardware, however future-proof there'll be a Crysis 2 that will need a slight computer spec. bump, it only matters if you *want* to play it. Macs also have a very good resale value, even more so compared to PC's.

Advice. get the one that you want, and fills your needs and lastly will be convenient (dual boot just to use a program?) Also computer shops with computers on display is a gold nugget, go in just to muck about on the computers. :)

It's all up to you. If you are dual booting, then the gaming is covered.
Macs have good hardware, and good tech support.
Like you said though, PC's are cheaper.

You could also look into the higher end PC's (like Alienware). The parts used in them are top quality, and still probably cheaper than a Mac.

Something like this:

Is 1500 and blows the closest priced Mac out of the water. Plus it can support up to 12GB of memory...

Yeah, if comparing "bang for the buck", mac lacks. Alienware is near-top of the line, and even they're cheaper than a macbook pro. xD