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Which wireless router is better? a Cisco Linksys wrt110 or a Linksys wrt54g v5 running DD-WRT? Answered

I have both routers, both yardsale items, and I know that the wrt54g is a little older but which is better if the wrt54g is running the DD-WRT firmware instead of it's natural Linksys? Also anyone have any suggestions on what to use the second router for?

link to the wrt54g on cnet.com:

link to the wrt110 on cnet.com:


I agree with the matthatter,

The wrt110 will have better range and speed, but the wrt54g has the benefit of being able to run third party firmwares like dd-wrt. As you already have dd-wrt on your wrt54g you can use it as a wireless repeater (with firmware v24) - this is very useful as then you can extend a wireless network to both wireless and wired clients. You could also try out other firmwares like tomato.

So as it stands, I personally would use the wrt110 as my central router, using the wrt54g as a repeater to extend it. One thing I use the wrt54g for is as an ssh tunnel. Occasionally, when you are out and about, you require to get to a site or service that is blocked from where you are. You can simply create an ssh tunnel to your wrt54g at home and use it as a socks proxy.

I guess, to answer your question, the wrt110 is better due to its greater speed and range... where as the wrt54g is better as you can use it for so much more than just a router.

Get them to connect together and You can use them to extend a network range and to connect non wireless stuff to your network.