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Which would be better for insulating a box, duct tape, foil, card stock material, or heavy construction tar paper? Answered

This is a project in school, we are working on Thermochemistry. Trying to figure out which would be the best insulator for a barrier box.(built from maple wood) The box is a model of a thermo-barrier system. We have to keep the temp. of the box above 0 degrees celsius for 15 min. and below 100 degrees celsius for over an hour.Any help, yea its alot, but i rlly need info and opinions.


Air is a very good insulator, good insulation very often uses air, E.g. Glass-fibre, cotton-wool, animal-fur. They all hold air in their fibres, it's rather bad at moving heat where convection can't happen. For your project I'd suggest very-fluffy cotton-wool. But if it has to be one of those, card, layered with air-gaps.



8 years ago

None of those items are particularly good thermal insulators. If you want a good thermal insulator, think about very small confined air spaces.

srry, thats all i can use.teachers rules.

I presume you can assemble the materials anyway you choose? Then think about very small confined air spaces.

Uh, idk wat that means and im not sure if u can do that or not.probably not.

o wait hold on. the box already has holes in it or air spaces or watever. Im just tryin to choose an insulation material to maintain the temp. im supposed to.

Did you ever take a look at how corrugated cardboard is made?

wat does carrugated mean? Im not dum but idk wat that means.

That's what just an ordinary, brown cardboard box is made of.

the box isnt a regular cardboard box, its made of maple, and at school.

Rather than guess, or ask us, why not do some experiments?

My dad wont let me, and right now im only tryin to find out which one to use.

Your dad won't let you do homework? (Sorry, but color me skeptical.)