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Whistling blade on wind direction weather vane Answered

I have a propeller with four blades that acts as a wind direction weather vane. What I would like is for the propeller to make a whistling noise when it is rotated by the wind. Someone told me if I put a small hole or a slit in each of the blades it will make a whistling noisy which should change with wind speed. Can anyone tell me what size hole/slit I would need? Also at what angle would the slit have to be? Or can you tell me any other way to get a whistle from the blades when the wind is blowing? The blades are metal and about 200mm long (400mm overall diameter). Thanks for any help. Lou


You might use pvc pipes in some sort of configuration - but you'll have to angle them just right. We were transporting a bunch on top of the pickup truck and it sounded like an organ at certain speeds.

Are you sure you want a constant whistling noise? Unless to scare the birds away maybe. Take a look at straw horn You could attach a bunch of these to the blades and see if that works. Or search this site for other "whistle" designs to give you an idea how to cut the windhole to make noise. Good luck.

Thanks for your suggestion caitlinsdad, i looked at all the whistle posts but none really do the trick :( If I had a spare fan I'd just keep on hacking it with holes and slits till it made a noise. Regards, Lou