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White & Nerdy Answered

For those of you who haven't heard the song, here's the music video.


MC Escher that's my favorite MC!

Haha... *glances at avatar* Holy crap! Who's your avatar?

In all of my life I've never heard someone say that, thanks rocketscientist, lol The weirdest one was where monk got "murdered"

Yeah, that was a weird one. I wonder what they'll do now that Stanley Kamel is dead?

They are going to have one of the guys from "Cane" be his therapist. You guys are talking about the 6th (Last show of the season before the one that starts on July 18th) season finale right?

Oh, I didn't hear that. Yes, that is why we are talking about.

You poor, poor thing. Search adrian monk on wikipedia. It's an American tv show.

It is the main character from Cane, Hector Elizondo.

I've never seen that show, but I don't like that choice. He's creepy. Doctor Kroger was nice, we wasn't creepy. I'd expect Hector to turn out to be a murderer!

I ain't got a gat but I got a soldering gun

lol. i know pi to the 10th digt. am i white & nerdy? 3.141592763

Even I know it to more than that. 3.1415926535897932384626.. I think That's Indian and nerdy

how about this? 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937 that all I have memorized

That's not right... 3.1415926535 (except the next digit is greater than 5, so that's truncated and not rounded, meaning you have to memorize two different values. This continues for quite a few digitis...)

DSman tricked you into showing your incredible nerdiness, granted he was nerdy enough to know that it was wrong in secret.


Don't you DARE say that!!

Seriously, I doubt it. But if it is, I'm going with that, I think that will be how the series ends if you're right.

Correction to last comment: I think that in the last season, the last episode at the very end, monk is killed by Hector who was hired by Dale the Whale. Is that better Adrian?

Well, my marriage is kind of a merging of the opposites, I ain't nerdy, but I AM geeky, and my wife, well....see for yourself...here is her Theme song in video form:

I showed her this and she has adopted it as her Theme song, as I suggested LOL

I'm fluent in Java Script as well as Klingon. Hilarious!

watch it there is a thing such as NERD POWER! (okay maybe not... unless we're talking about brain power so ha! you can't correct me on that statement)

Let's see:
A) I'm working a Mac that I ordered without having ever touched an Apple product, learned how to work it in under a day and had it fully personalized in under a week.
B) I make LED flashlights for pocket money.
C) I learned how to sew leather just for fun.
D) My hard drive has over half a gigabyte of .txt and .rft files files that I have read just for fun.
E) I'm designing an amphibious car with as many a five different configurations (oceanic (wind and wave power), hydrofoil, transition, city drive, roadster).
F) Whoever meets me ends up asking "And why are you studying tourism ratter than <name one> engineering/architecture/medicine/Navy Academy/political sciences/literature/<name another>?"
G) My mother gets dizzy from talking to me.
H) I have a version of the USS-1701-Enterprise-D that only saw five minutes of airtime: the "Future Enterprise" from the series finale.
I) I have seven different hunting vests, and most of the time I just stuff them with specific sets of stuff so I can just grab the correct one and go.
J) I can pretty much shape-shift from war-bound bicycle courier to fresh-as-lettuce receptionist in minutes.
K) I spoke nothing but Spanish for my first eighteen years of life, yet now I speak better English.
L) I have pretty much memorized the entire Foundation series from Isaac Asimov.
M) One of my bookshelves has an entire level dedicated to nothing but dictionaries.
N) I have favourite science museums.
O) I 'outgrew' Popular Mechanics as a teen, yet kept buying it for a couple more years just to continue the collection.
P) I've had the same yahoo mail since times they only gave you 1.5MB
Q) I live in Cancun, yet have pre-ordered the Canadian version of the seventh Harry Potter book.
R) I know how to apply a Blitzkrieg on war games such as "Age of Empires"
S) I do cosplay.
T) Ratter than tomatoes or some other normal thing, I grow ginseng in my garden.
U) I have a motorcycle battery for a doorstop, yet I've never had one.
V) I have a design for a no-moving-parts air conditioner.
X) The only plush animal you'll find in my room wouldn't pass a metal detector.
Y) I have several back issues of the "Astounding" and "Analog" magazines.
Z) I wrote this list

Did you get a tatoo of a chess board on your arm? That would complete the touch :P

No, I haven't. However, I do want to get an ultraviolet tattoo on the inside of my calf saying my full name, nationalities, date of birth, CURP (Population Registry Unique Code, in Spanish) plus who to contact if I drop dead. I addition, I want to tattoo the words "Use ultraviolet light", in every language I can, under my feet. To reduce the strain produced by tattooing and removing tattoos, I don't plan to marry more than once and I'll make sure to tattoo my children too.

What an odd person. Wouldn't you get something a little more "nerdy" like burning that in with a soldering iron or getting a tatoo of your favourite pic programmer chip on your chest?

Punk Guy: I am not a computer nerd; in fact, by my standards, I am barely into nerd-typical stuff. Thing is, I am such a jack of all trades that one of my life's central objectives is to never stop learning. I can also do some interesting off-roading, can pretty much be released on the jungle and live of the land, can do leg presses with 150kg while reading a book, Can pretty much disassemble and assemble back my car (although I'm too lazy to do it), can cook like a master and can't get straight A's to save my life. Damn. I could pretty much go like this forever. Drop the stereotypes.

I'm just goofing around, I usually pay no attention to stereotysm. I can leg press 180, I know because I go to the gym each week, my buddy that goes with me can do 590, watched/helped him put 6 or 7 weights on each side of the leg press. Did 2 reps and then puked, he liked working himself to exhuastion, which he does every day. Yet he won't tell me how he manages to do it. Prolly steroids.

Even if he's not on steroids I'd say he's got a couple of issues hidden away somewhere, asking him would be bad though, I imagine a hulk scenario much like the second last step of my ex instructable...

Nachoman, the similarities are disturbing, I do the bicycle trick but to shop worker, time taken, 1-2mins I have a the same ridiculous jack of all trades bit but with less 'nerd' stuff, more spare parts than you can shake an O.A.P. at and oddly enough I do the same sort of thing with leg presses, except I have a new game, I found something to while smoking, I have to go outside so I figured out how to do leg presses using the car as a weight, and a step for setting yourself in to a nice shape, I can now lift one side of the car about 2-3inches off the ground and it feels a bit like 300KG on the leg press but might be a bit more... I have no hope of getting A's either, live with it, most girlfriends, said it's because I'm lazy most teachers say I can't be trusted, parents called me a monster. I like the tattoo idea but can't think of anything other than writing a filthy message for the coroner on me with it...

hahahahaha that almost perfectly describes me!(except i dont have a car lol) how many pounds is 150KG? im an artist but im borderline failing the art class i am taking i hunt like crazy but only wear camouflage to school when it is really cold im stubborn as a mule nobody argues with me because they know that even if they are right and have material proof i can make them sound like they are the wrong one i post bulletins on myspace asking for washing machine motors and other broken electronics instead of those stupid "repost in 45 seconds or you will have bad luck" bulletins. I can proudly say that i dumpster dive and am highly competative with the local homeless(i let them have food and anything else they may need but they dont dare touch anything electronic) when i turn 17 i will buy my first motorcycle and be the only person at my school of 1700 people to ride it in the dead of winter. i can curl in one hand with the back of my arm against a wall 55 pounds but can only benchpress 150 i play defense in lacrosse.

Sounds like your friggen' nerdy to me. I use blitkrieg tactics to, for chess and Stronghold.


11 years ago

can some one tell me a easy way to make mdma

I'd advise that you do some research (e.g. Google it). If can get all the kit and chemicals you need, I'll be happy to help with the practical techniques. L

Mdma? It appears to be a mixture of meth and ex? What an odd little drug, wouldn't mind trying that :P

Step away right now, during my slightly insane years, MDMA put me in another country, then again I got there fast...

Oh and I meant that as in I actually woke up in another country... no water crossing just borders but still...