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White Elephant sale in Oakland Answered

I went to the White Elephant Sale this weekend in Oakland. While it's tough to beat noahw's at home dentistry plans, there was a bunch of cool stuff, and I thought I'd share some pictures. Check out the image notes for descriptions.


I need to go to some of these sales....that wall of assorted old camera gear? Yeeesss.

Is it "bad" to see some of the items I own in those pictures? :P Naw, I should be so lucky :)

At home I have that C35 Konica (well, mine is a C35V). Eventually, my parents let me use their Nikon F2 (around when she got a Digital Rebel). My mother refuses to sell her old "portable" sewing machine too. The thing weighs a ton, only does a straight stitch, but is very low maintenance (she still uses it) :P Spring break is next week, I'll take pictures if I can :)

Bad? Probably - it means somebody's nicked them and is selling them at a White Elephant market.

The "Slide developer?" is a slide copier - it simply re-photographs the slide (my FiL has one).

Changed the image note. Thanks!