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White mold on algae? Answered

Recently (as in for a few weeks), my bowl of algae has developed white goop floating in it. It looks like flour, and sticks together like flour. I (intelligently, I believe) have not tasted it, but it or something else in the algae smells terrible (well, worse than how terrible algae already smells, lol). I'm worried because Im donating samples of this algae to my middle school to use for experimentation, but a few, um, white things got in the samples. I really want to know what this stuff is. If anyone wants pictures, I'll upload some,. but basically it looks like flour and floats on top of the algae.


Does sound like a fungus. Gods only know which one -- simple yeast, or something else.

Oh, gee, thanks. Now you've got me humming "white mold on algae" to the tune of "nights in white satin"...

There is at least one variety of algae that is white but it is probably a mold or fungus. Sometime algae turns white when it dies though.