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Who I can unclored plastic, colored in the mass Answered

Hi all !

I want uncolored plastic, or uncolored latex, and I need to know how it's possible. For have light color, pastel color. Like nightblue => lightblue.
It's used for cleaning old yellow plastic, like old white or grey computers or consoles, but it's maybe only for have the origin color, not for uncolored the color in the mass. It's yellow because the plastic is oxyded.
With hydrogen peroxyde + UV.

So, do you know if this combo is good for my project ? Or who I can make it ?

It's for custom parts. With many friction, and it's bad to use paint for that.

Hope yoou help me, see you soon.

Thanks in advance.


Not sure I understand what you are trying to do but to get clear or see through plastic or a lighter color, you usually need to start out with clear or see-through plastic stock that has been formulated without any pigments or opaque binders/fillers.

Some finished plastic parts may have been dyed on the surface with chemical dyes to give it is color but most have a pigment mixed in throughout to give it color. If you remove the discolored layer that has been oxidized or reacted with UV/sunlight, you weaken the plastic with solvents and may even remove that UV protective coating on some plastics. If you want to lighten the color of a structural or load bearing part, you might have to make it new from scratch. Good luck.

It's for washed-out, faded plastic or latex. Opaque latex or
semi-opaque plastic, to pastel or light color. And it's all the material
with the color, not just a layer.

If I can washed-out, faded just the superficial layer, it's ok for me beacause it's only the visible layer.

It's for custom pens color. Body and grip.

in zero, yes I think that for the futur, but for the moment, I know
many pens, and their texture body and grip, and weight. It's maybe more
easy to washed-out, faded.

For the moment, I don't know what product mix for have the plastic or latex I need.

I tried a few recepies on plastic parts and some do work than others.
But they all have one thing in common: being specific to one type of plastic.
Latex you can't clan at all, it is a natural rubber and all chemicals used will only harm it.
Soft plastic like silicone and similar can sometimes cleaned from organic dirt by the use of bleech.
Anorganic stuff or mixed dirt like you have from handling things with dirty hands almost never cleans up on soft plastics..
As long as it is only the surface without really coloring the material you can first soak it in soapy water over night, clean it with a brush and dump it for a few hours in bleech.

It's not for wash plastic, but for changed the color. More light, or more dark if it's possible.

But maybe I have an other way.

I have a pen, and when I put his in a bad pencase, the dyeing of penscase washed-out on the pen grip. The grip is grey, the penscase dyeing is red, the spot color in my grip is pink. Ungly and durty pink, but it's pink. :)

So, maybe he have a good dyeing for use in grip. And not washed-out in the fingers ?

Some dye reacts with solvents the same way a plum reacts with salt water - something will be "washed" out.
You can have these interactions for color between different types of soft and hard plastic but more common between two similar soft plastics or rubbers.
I had soft fishing lures in all sorts of colors and wondered why the seller had packed them all in individua bags.
After a few weeks in the tackle box knew why :(
They all mixed and iluted their colors into each other.

For some soft plastics alcohol works quite good, others react with cleaning benzine but you have to do some tests before soaking to ensure the material is not destroyed by the solvent.
To get some color back into soft plastic you can try refill kits for ink jet printers.
They use insanly fine particles and also some solvents.
Soak or brush on, wipe excess off and after drying try to wash them with soapy water.
Please only ink that is rated to be water and UV proof for this.

A picture would help since your English doesn't seem to really communicate well what you are trying to do. I think I understand you just want to get rid of the red spot that is on your pen. Try various solvent cleaners and even use toothpaste to scrub.

Sorry, it's not for wash the pen. But maybe for find a dyeing for using on the grips of pens. For change the color of grip.
Grip grey+red dye = pink grip allover.

I guess this would be a question for a chemical engineer or chemist who knows how to react or bleach the color on plastics.