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Who Plays What Sax? Answered

I want to know what type of sax who plays (if you play sax) and how you got started. I don't play saxaphone but my friend got me interest in what saxes are played.


I play the piano, or should I say I'm teaching myself to play! My father played the piano, but died before he could teach me. I have found I can play by ear.

Doesn't that give you a headache ?

Sorry, that is a really REALLY old joke.  

I do agree with you! It does give me a headache!!!!!!! but I get a lot of pleasure, when I learn something new. The piano is hard, for those who have to work at what some take so little time to learn. I've come a long ways, from the days I just like to hear the sound the piano made. Its been three years, I've been teaching myself, but the accomplishments have been worth every minute I've spent learning this instrument.

Sorry, I was trying to be funny. "playing by ear" in the literal sense would require one to bang the side of their head (depening on which ear one played the piano with) repeatedly against the keys. .


5 years ago

I play tenor saxophone currently, but have played alto and bari as well. Music was offered to me in 4th grade, and it grew into a hobby. Now, it is one of my passions, I hope to continue it after I graduate high school.


6 years ago

I play the bari..and the tenor and the alto and the soprano~ and the clarinet hah.

I started playing in the school band, and now i play in everyband wehave, jazz, honors marching the works.

I play alto. Started because school band.


10 years ago

i also play an alto. i also sometimes play around with my Tenor...

this is nice information, i like it..

I play alto, got started in school band. just wondering, how many sax players like playing jazz better then "classic band" music?

Me too!!! I play alto, tenor too when i feel like it....
Once you play one sax, its mad easy to pick up any other model sax :)

i am in elementary school playing alto but i'm thinking about switching to tenor in middle school.

i play alto and i must say it's really easy to learn it only took about 2 weeks to get good at it

I played alto in my school band until one the band teacher asked if I would play Tenor since nobody else in my grade would paly it. So I did, and got to play on a brand new sax. :)


9 years ago

Lead tenor sax in my jazz band.

I play Tenor, Alto, straight soprano and curved soprano. Also flute and clarinet, duduk and a couple of shawms. I'm saving up for a Bass clarinet now.

I play alto, and I started, well, just because I've always loved the instrument. I am in the school band now and am FIRST CHAIR!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!! Wo0t!!!!!!!!!!!

i played tenor and alto

i play an alto and a bari