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Who REALLY created the K'NEX gun? Answered

Okay, so everybody know that (your name here) created the first knex gun. Or did he? Oodalumps said on his 7 shot pistol ( posted january 1, 2007) "This is one of my favorite guns because it's very easy to use and shoots hard. I came up with this design a few months before I made my first MG 4 years ago; and just recently decided to make it into a pistol."
That's right. 4 years ago. 2003. If you can find any records before that date, please post a link.


i created the knex gun!

I figured out when I first got them ( I think I was like 7 maybe) that connectors will fly off of rods when you disconnect them by pushing on the "lips" poking out on the other side. Lol does that count?

I'm not the first, because I did not build any Knex guns before the Knex brand ones. I forget what the sets were called (I am at college and can't check), but there was a station and space ship that had some pull-release guns. I don't know of any guns that came out before Knex made theirs.


8 years ago

I made bows when I was like 7. To be honest, K'nex guns are not a hard concept, there are some nerf guns that work with the same concept, so it was only a matter of time before someone had the bright idea to make a k'nex version.

Who knows? Some dude in Iraq could have made a 2 inch range knex gun 20 years ago.......

We're looking (or not for that matter, no one really gives a damn) for solid proof.


8 years ago

There's no way to know. The only true answer is (your name here) because he posted pictures. Other than that, you're just going on what people claim.

There should obviously be some geniuses who bought knex sets and found out about making knex guns right after it was first sold.  So the beginning of Knex is my guess.

When did Knex first hit the store shelves?(I am too lazy to look it up)  I am sure the testing and development that went into the toymaking found that you can indeed build guns with it.  The marketing team was told to keep it quiet or else it would ruin the company's image of a family toymaker.  So there you have it, the coverup and first conspiracy theory for Knex.  I would guess that gun development using Lego bricks was a bit crude leading to the first ideas and a need for Knex.