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Who Stole my Pokémon GO name?? Answered

I tried scoochmaroo, scooch, and even scoochie (which I find less favorable) — no luck. Who else in the world would call themselves scoochmaroo? And what should I call myself now?

In other news, what level are you on? Have you been reading all the crazy news about it? One guy's house was tagged as a gym and people are lingering outside to train at all hours! What's the funniest thing you've encountered so far? 


Its all ready be banned at the school I work at... shame, I wanted to put a pokemon in the principals office.

We've only got a week of term left, so there's not been much of an impact. I've taken to letting kids hunt for the last two minutes of the lesson, but if they find something I call a colleague through - he plays it, I don't; it's funny to watch him catch the Pokemon the kids were after, but were too distracted by a grown-up playing the game to remember to beat him to the drop.

pretty sure if a pokemon shows up, everybody can catch it...

Here the police already warns people in the newspaper to stay safe and to follow the road rules.
Several drivers got done stopping on the freeway to chase these things.
The bigger shopping centers don't like it either claiming too many of the players walk into other people or even shop fronts LOL
I am just glad you can't catch them in the sky otherwise I would be worried about hobby pilots doing a nose dive to catch one...

I'm still a level 4, but I did get like 14 pokemon just shoping around the walmart.

Ha! I wonder how many other players were there shopping for pokemon too ;)

Saw an entire family today hunting them in the pharmacy - if that catches on shops will ban mobile phones ROFL

I went with Scoochemon!

howzabout go with"mosthonolablenumbleonescoochamaloo" better jump on it fast.

Haha, the game isn't even out in the UK, but within minutes of arriving at school today, two colleagues (grown men) wandered through my lab, glued to their phones, hunting.

Who took your name? You have a bazzillion fans and followers - any one of them could be a wannabe.

Oh, and when I couldn't have "Kiteman" on Twitter, I just added an "X" at the end. Other people preface their name with "The..." or "The Real...".

You could be "OriginalScooch"?

I don't play the game, nor am I really interested in it but I saw a bunch of people including kids running through the neighbourhood for hours.
Pointing the phones up for better reception and all.
Once I got curious enough and asked I was told someone posted a very rare pokemon to collect somewhere here and that you can get a lot of freebies as well.
Funny enough noone I talked to was actually successful and a few days later it all died of but was something different for sure.
Although not really stuff to post here, there is also a pokemon girl on an adult website.
Full on with posters and decorations on the walls and dressing up as a pokemon.
And last year that had a big pokemon party in the city, quite amasing what people came up with in terms of costumes or just face and body paintings.
Was a bit weird though seeing pokemons roaming the streets LOL